750TPH Andesite Crushing Plant

750TPH Andesite Crushing Plant

Release time:09 March 2022

Andesite is a kind of magmatic rock. Magmatic rock is formed by magma ejecting from the surface or invading into the crust for cooling and solidification. It has obvious mineral crystal particles or pores, accounting for about 65% of the total volume and 95% of the total mass of the crust. Magma is a high-temperature, hot, viscous, and volatile silicate melt produced in the deep crust or upper mantle. It is the mother of all kinds of magmatic rocks and magmatic deposits.

Andesite Crushing
Andesite is similar to basalt, but its hardness and wear resistance is much higher than basalt, even higher than granite. Andesite has dense, fine, and difficult to cut. If cutting granite or basalt saw blade is used, the effect is poor.

We can accord the hardness of the stone to select the stone crushing equipment. Following we will introduce our andesite crushing case in Indonesia.

Andesite Crushing Plant


750TPH Andesite Crushing Plant Equipment


The equipment used in this andesite crushing plant:

50-750 TPH Andesite Crushing Plant

Indonesian 750 tph andesite crushing

This setup is a 750tph andesite crushing plant, it is configured with a vibrating grizzly feeder, vibrating screen, jaw crusher, cone crusher, belt conveyors, etc.,

The scalping vibrating screen is for screening the materials underneath the grizzly.
The output from the jaw crusher and overscreen materials will enter a tunnel bin via a belt conveyor for temporary storage.
The bin feeder will feed stones from tunnel bin to secondary cone crusher, then the crushed materials will go to vibrating screen #1#2 for screening, the over 50mm materials will return to tertiary cone crushers for re-crushing, 30-50mm materials go to stockpile by a belt conveyor, 0-30mm materials will be processed by vibrating screen #3#4 to get 0-10mm,10-20mm,20-30mm final products. The screen mesh can be replaced easily to get your ideal final product sizes.
The capacity for this crushing plant can be customized as per request such as 50tph,100tph, 200tph, etc.,

Andesite Crushing Line Layout

Indonesian 750 tph andesite crushing
Indonesian 750 tph andesite crushing

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