Release time:26 August 2019


Mineral Classification
sulfate mineral

Chemical Formula


Mohs Hardness

Crystal System

Colorless, white, light shades of blue, yellow, grey, brown

Vitreous, Pearly



Barite is a sulfate mineral, its crystals are usually thick plate-like, and the aggregates are granular or clustered. Barite is hardly soluble in water and acids, non-toxic, non-magnetic, and can absorb X-rays and Y-rays. It is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, coating, filler, and other industries, 80% -90% of which is used as mud weighting agent in oil drilling. Barite is an important industrial mineral raw material for barium and barium compounds.

Barite beneficiation process

Purification and processing of barite ore by gravity separation method has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, etc., and it has excellent recovery and treatment effect on coarse and fine barite. The gravity separation process occupies a major position in barite processing plants.

Barite gravity separation

After a serious of steps from washing, screening, classifying, desliming, to jig process, can obtain good quality concentrates with a grade of more than 88%.

Barite crushing process is generally carried out using jaw crushers or impact crushers, and fine crushing is generally carried out with roller crushers. At the same time, the separation can also use heavy media rotary sorter, cone classifier, mining shaker table, sand screw machine, etc.
Barite embedded cloth has a particle size greater than 2mm, and usually can be sorted by heavy media separator or jig machine. The maximum particle size for heavy media sorting is 50mm. The maximum particle size of the wet and dry jig is about 20mm.

The size of the embedded cloth is less than 2mm, which can be sorted by a shaker or a spiral classifier. Before selection, the hydrocyclone should be used to remove the mud to improve the selection effect.

The barite mineral jig can effectively separate coarse, medium and fine-grained barite ore, and the ore dressing effect is ideal, which can effectively increase the specific gravity of barite and use circulating water to operate. The ore dressing process does not require the use of chemicals and does not cause any pollution to the environment. It is a new type of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly barite ore dressing method.

Barite magnetic separation

A wet magnetic separator is usually used to select some iron-bearing materials such as siderite, which are used as barite feedstock for baryte based pharmaceuticals with very low iron content.

Barite flotation process

1. Grinding fineness: Flotation of barite generally requires grinding fineness—200 is 85 ~ 90%.
2. Stirring: It is better to use a powerful secondary stirring tank.
3. flotation.

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