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Lead is a bluish silver-white metal, but it is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air to form gray-black lead oxide. Lead has weak ductility, strong ductility, high corrosion resistance and good resistance to radioactive penetration. It is one of the earliest metals used by humans.

Relate to mining

The content of lead in the earth’s crust is 0.0016%, and its reserves are relatively abundant. Australia, China, Russia, the United States, Peru and Mexico, the countries with the most lead reserves in the world, account for 87% of the world ’s reserves, with Australia accounting for the largest 40%, China accounting for 16%, and the US accounting for 6% Peru accounts for 8%, Mexico accounts for 6%, Russia accounts for 11%, and other regions account for 13%.


The main lead-bearing ores include galena, skeletal ore and lead sulfate. Metal lead has good ductility and corrosion resistance, and it is easy to make alloys with excellent properties with other metals. Metal lead, lead alloy and its compounds are widely used in batteries, cable sheathing, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, light industry, lead oxide, radiation protection and other industries.

Lead ore processing

According to the oxidation degree of the ore, the lead-zinc ore can be divided into three categories: lead-zinc sulfide mine, lead-zinc oxide ore and mixed lead-zinc ore.

1. The beneficiation process of lead-zinc sulfide ore
The main constituent minerals of lead-zinc sulfide are galena and sphalerite, both of which are primary ores. Most of the zinc sulfide ore uses a preferential flotation process, generally “floating lead and suppressing zinc”. This is mainly because of the floatability of galena good, it is difficult to activate after inhibition, in addition, in most lead-zinc sulfide, zinc content higher than lead.

2. Beneficiation process of lead-zinc oxide ore
In the lead-zinc oxide ore, lead mainly exists in the state of cerusite and anglesite, and zinc mostly exists in the state of bonamite and willemite. Lead oxide ores are generally applied with xanthate flotation technology, and zinc oxide ores are generally applied with amine sulfide flotation technology.

3. Flotation of mixed lead-zinc ore can be carried out with reference to the beneficiation method of sulfide ores and oxidized ores. The proper flotation order must be correctly determined in the beneficiation process. Common schemes are lead sulfide-lead oxide-zinc sulfide-zinc oxide-; Lead-zinc sulfide-lead oxide. When the content of lead oxide is small, the former scheme can be used, and the latter scheme is better.

Lead processing equipment

Lead-zinc ore beneficiation equipment and uses

Jaw Crusher and Cone Crusher: Crush the ore to achieve the dissociation of useful minerals and gangue minerals.
Self-centering vibrating sieve: The mixture is divided into different grades according to the particle size, and the qualified particle size products are sorted to avoid excessive crushing of the ore and improve the productivity of the crusher.
Ball mill: pulverize the ore to make it finer.
Hydrocyclone: The qualified products are separated in time to avoid over-grinding, and at the same time, the unqualified coarse sand can be separated and returned for re-grinding. : There is also the role of concentration.
Flotation machine: aerating the slurry to aerate the ore particles that have been subjected to the collector to the air bubbles and scrape them out with a scraper to obtain a concentrate.
Thickener: The process of precipitating and concentrating the ore pulp to separate the thinner ore pulp into a clear liquid and an ore pulp.
Filter: remove most of the capillary moisture in the material.
In addition, there are some auxiliary equipment, such as electro-vibration miners, belt conveyors, mixing tanks, mines, sand pumps, pump ponds, motors, etc.

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