Release time:23 August 2019

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silver white

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Silver flotation process

Independent silver mine mostly all adopt flotation method, coexist and associated silver mine beneficiation methods have flotation, flotation & gravity separation, flotation & cyaniding, ant the last one is most important.
In order to improve the recovery rate of independent silver mine flotation, JXSC has improved the silver ore beneficiation process in three ways: First, aiming at the thickness characteristics of silver mineral inlay grain size, fully dissociate silver minerals as much as possible, and improve silver recovery rate. Second, choose neutral or weakly alkaline flotation slurry alkalinity and use sodium carbonate as a flotation slurry to adjust the floatability of silver; third, use xanthate and aerofloat to enhance the collection of silver ability.
Silver flotation application
Silver ore processing technology is used for recovering silver and associated metal minerals. Silver-bearing ores have two types: silver-gold ores and lead-zinc-copper associated ores.
Silver beneficiation equipment

Jaw crusherPE-800×10601
Impact crusherPYZ17501
Ball millФ4000×67001
Spiral classifier2FC-241
Mixing tankXF-45×501
Flotation machineSF-203

The flotation & cyaniding process composed of flotation machine, leaching agitation tank, zinc powder replacement equipment, washing thickener of 2 or 3 layers.
High efficiency and capacity, low energy consumption and reasonable economic costs.
Silver beneficiation flow
silver beneficiation process
Similar to other mineral processing methods, the silver flotation process needs to prepare materials before separation. That is to say, the raw ore should be ground and classified to suit the flotation fineness. Multi-layer thickener to dewater in three stages, and exchange the cyaniding process of one leaching and one dewatering into two of each, which highly improving the recovery rate of the silver. Cyaniding process Hydrogen-containing wastewater and to recover sodium cyanide, which proves to be a good method to solve the wastewater pollute. The alloy gold can adopt electrolyte equipment to dissociate silver and get gold and silver ingot to improve economic efficiency.
A silver mine in Inner Mongolia, its beneficiation size can reach 500t/d, the actual production capacity is 750t/d. its main ore is pyrite, chalcopyrite, gold, silver and other minerals. Aimed at the existing problems and combined the production practice, JXSC improved the technology of the process flow and adopted flotation & cyaniding process which is more convenient to operate. That is, silver concentration obtained from flotation and regrinding to enter the next stage of cyaniding and leaching, countercurrent washing, zinc powder replacement and silver ingot can finally get after the last process of electrolytic dissociation.

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