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DRC 200TPH Diamond Cooperation Project Sharing

Sharer: Amy
Project: 200TPH Diamond Plant
Project Location: Congo-Kinshasa

What Does Amy Say?

In 2018, our company(JXSC Mine Machinery Factory) successfully cooperated with the DRC customer on the 200TPH diamond processing plant project. The entire project cooperation process went through many setbacks. Still, in the end, the successful cooperation of the project was fulfilled, and the total project equipment amounted to 2.3 million US dollars. From the initial online communication to the final smooth delivery, we have experienced pre-sales sending engineers to the customer site for inspection and negotiation. The Congo customer team came to our company for a one-week factory inspection, confirmed cooperation, and signed a contract. Customers come to our factory to inspect the equipment, and so on. The successful cooperation of this project is of great significance to our company, and the cooperation experience has also benefited us a lot. I want to take this opportunity to share some meaningful experiences and insights with you.

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1. Pre-sales engineer on-site inspection

DRC customers have rich experience in diamond processing lines and a professional team of engineers in Lubumbashi. In 2018, the company needed to expand the processing line. Because of our rich professional practical experience in diamond processing lines and many successful diamond processing cases, they strongly request and sincerely invite our engineers to visit their diamond mining area, mainly including two aspects.

  • Investigate existing processing line equipment and propose equipment rectification plans.
  • Negotiation and cooperation on the project plan of the new 200TPH diamond processing line.

Our company also accepted the customer’s pre-sale on-site inspection invitation with sincere cooperation intention. To better and more smoothly communicate the project details with customers abroad and hope to negotiate cooperation between the two parties successfully, I took the initiative to apply to go with the engineer. The company’s chief engineer and I embarked on the road to the DRC on July 31, 2018.

There was a little episode during the flight journey. Before the plane arrived at the airport in the city where the customer was located, we got off the plane (temporary stop) at another city airport in advance. We didn’t notice that the announcement was in French on the aircraft, and we didn’t know there was a temporary stop. But after the coordination and help of the customer, we immediately arranged the hotel and the earliest flight to the customer’s city. I deeply understand how lucky it is to have someone who can help me when I encounter difficulties in a foreign country. It made me feel the simplicity and simplicity of the African people and the quality of sincere treatment of others. I am very grateful to the customer for their thoughtful arrangements.

When we arrived at the airport in the customer’s city, the customer had already arranged for a particular person to pick us up, saving a lot of trouble and time for customs clearance. The client booked us a hotel close to their company, and we got a very comfortable rest in the garden-style hotel after being exhausted by boat and car. That night, the client and their team first came to the hotel to visit us for the first time. It can see that the client’s politeness and hospitality made me feel that they were very gentlemanly and behaved in a rational and orderly manner, which is the behavior of a large company.

The next day we went to the client company and started a week-long inspection and negotiation. We arranged for the first three days to go to the customer’s old processing line mining area to see the equipment, mainly to understand the process equipment of the old processing line, the existing problems, and how to help the customer solve them. The customer engineer team led us to see the equipment of their three different mines. Because it established the processing plant many years ago, the equipment is old, most of them are out of production, and only a small number of equipment is still in operation and often needs to be repaired. Therefore, it needed to replace some equipment with new ones and accessories to improve production efficiency. Based on the customer’s actual situation and needs, we also gave targeted replacement solutions and constructive comments, and the customer was delighted. During the on-site inspection of the old processing line, the professionalism shown by our chief engineer also convinced the customer and deepened the customer’s cooperation intention.

diamond mine inspection
diamond mine inspection

The next three days are mainly about the process design of the new processing line and some clear communication. According to the industrial and mining information of the further processing plant and customer requirements, we designed a plan with a high recovery rate, high feasibility, and high performance with low cost for customers after brainstorming with both parties. After careful study by the team of engineers, they are delighted with our solution. Customers once again admire the professionalism of our engineers. Yes, our company believes in professionalism to win trust!

During this period, I was fortunate to meet the CEO of the client company and several senior executives. Although I had met many clients who were bosses before, this time, it was a very formal meeting abroad. Although the scene was a bit big, I was still very confident and calm. Talking to them, neither humble nor arrogant, spoke in an orderly manner. The CEO said that our professionalism and self-confidence make them more confident to cooperate with us, and they are looking forward to cooperating with us. It is undoubtedly a good opportunity for our company.

In the end, the customers expressed gratitude and helped with our trip. They decided to send a team of engineers to inspect our factory in September, then interviewed the terms of cooperation and price, and hoped to sign a contract.

2. The customer inspects the factory and signs the contract

The customer and their engineering team arrived as scheduled in September. In terms of receiving customers, our company has also fully implemented the warm and friendly hospitality of the Chinese people, making customers feel at home. Everyone is pleased to meet again. After leading the customer team to visit the factory and equipment, the customer said that their choice was correct and they were confident in the quality of our equipment.

The customer proposed to go to the nearby crushing plant to see the equipment because they have crushing equipment in their new processing plant and wanted to know the working conditions of the crushing line in China. Our company immediately contacted the nearest relatively large crushing site and brought the customer to see the crushing scene.

Our company has already prepared the project process, layout, quotation, and other materials for clear communication and negotiation in the next few days. In terms of processing, after the two parties discussed some details, we made some changes to make the process more rational. We also communicated about each piece of equipment’s specific configuration and material and updated the quotation according to the customer’s needs.

After determining the process and equipment configuration, we negotiated cooperation terms, such as delivery time, price, engineer after-sales service, payment method, delivery, etc. Based on the excellent payment method given to us by the customer, our company can meet the customer’s shortest delivery time and the most favorable price, and we promise to provide after-sales engineers to guide the installation and commissioning services. It reached the terms of cooperation between us and successfully signed the contract.

clients visit us
clients visit us

3. Customer inspection and delivery

After we produced all the equipment as scheduled, the customer proposed to come to our factory for an inspection. During the check at the factory, they saw that all the leading equipment( including the small auxiliary equipment) was ready in the checklist, and none of them were left behind. They expressed their admiration for our delivery ability. After carefully checking the configuration and quality of the equipment, customers said that our equipment was better than they expected, exceeding their expectations, and they were delighted with the quality.

Our company attaches great importance to the order of this project, the production is strictly according to the material and configuration required by the customer and even exceeds the customer’s standard. Our goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied.

After completing the goods inspection, the customer arranged for BV to supervise the loading during the delivery and loading. We once again ensured the quality and quantity to ensure the customer could receive all the goods.

goods inspection

From this project, I deeply realized that if we want to win significant customers’ trust and cooperation, we must first be professional in the corresponding field. We must accurately understand customers’ real needs and try our best to provide professional pre-sales services. And offer professional targeted solutions, reasonable and competitive prices, worry-free after-sales installation and technical support services, and reliable product quality.

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