1-2TPH Molybdenum Iron Slag Recovery Plant in Taiwan

1-2TPH Molybdenum Iron Slag Recovery Plant in Taiwan

Published Date:10 November 2021

Mineral Processing Cases study: 1-2TPH Molybdenum Iron Slag Recovery Plant in Taiwan. How processing plant configurated and what equipments were used? Read more…

Introduction of Molybdenum Iron Slag Recycling

Raw Material: Molybdenum Iron Slag
Capacity: 1-2TPH
Country: Taiwan, China
Feed size: <20mm

1-2TPH Molybdenum Iron Slag Recovery Plant Flowchart

Molybdenum Iron Slag recovery plant

Equipment Used in The Recovery of Iron and Molybdenum Metals


  1. Hopper
  2. Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder
  3. Ball Mill
  4. Belt Conveyor
  5. Shaking Tables

Flowchat Description


This Flowchart is designed for Processing 1-2TPH Molybdenum Iron Slag for recovery iron and Molybdenum metals from slag. We provided a complete set of plant machines for our Taiwan customers. including feeding hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeder, belt conveyor, ball mill, steel balls, shaking table, etc.,

The vibration feeder is for feeding material smoothly and evenly to the ball mill, so as can grind high effectively. Ball mill is for grinding slag (0-20mm) to 0-1mm or smaller size depending on customer requirement. Then output small fine powder go to shaking table for recovery the metals from slag. The shaking table has an extremely high recovery ratio for recovery heavy metals from slag. Then will get metal concentrate from the shaking table.

The slag is a very hard material and contains a lot of oil. So has a high requirement for the grinding machine and belt conveyor, the belt conveyor needs to be Nylon material, oil, and solvent resistant. Ball Mill needs more thick lining plates for wear-resistant. some customers also will use rod mills to grind slag.

The flowchart can be customized design according to slag material condition, the requirement for the final product, and process capacity.

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