QM Cylinder Ball Mill

QM Cylinder Ball Mill

【Capacity】: 45-350 KG/H

【Processible Material】:gold,chrome,tin,coltan,diamond ,tantalite ,silica sand

【Brief Description】: Cylinder Ball Mill mainly applies in industrial test and production, we provide dry and wet available ball mill with convenient operation, adjustable output size, high processing capacity.

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Cylinder Ball Mill is common crushing equipment used in the crushing plant. Ball mill is suitable for dry or wet grinding of various materials in mineral processing, cement, glass ceramics and other fields.
The transmission of the straight-cylinder concentrator adopts large double-row center-adjusting roller bearing instead of the sliding bearing, the friction is greatly reduced, energy-saving is 20-30%. By adopting wave-type liner, the contact surface of the ball ore is increased, the grinding effect is strengthened, and the energy consumption is reduced by raising the ore. Small ball mill with a diameter below 2.1 meters (excluding 2.1 meters) adopts an integral frame for civil construction and installation of equipment. The oil mist lubrication device ensures reliable lubrication of large and small gears.
The laboratory ball mill has advanced performance, reasonable structure, high sample preparation efficiency and good sealing performance, and is suitable for crushing and processing of all kinds of metal and non-metal ore raw materials. Industrial ball mill applied in the geological, mining, metallurgical, coal, building materials and electric power sectors.
JXSC provides both industrial uses mining equipment and laboratory small equipment, such as types of crushers and grinders: ball mill, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, wet pan mill.

QM Cylinder Ball Mill

Product Structure

【Ball Mill Working Principle】main parts of ball mill include feeding part, main bearing, rotating part, driving part (big and small gear device), air clutch, main motor, slow driving device, jacking device, lubrication system and electric control system.
The laboratory mill can be used in dry and wet grinding, with frequency conversion technology, wide speed range, convenient for grinding, mixing and even sample, no foundation treatment, low noise and no dust pollution The work is clean and convenient, the grinding and sealing performance is good.
Grinding mill machine is supported by the rolling bearing, and the material is fed into the feeding end of the cylinder through the transmission mechanism, and the material is crushed because of the dropping impact and self-grinding of the steel ball and the ore itself. Due to the continuous feeding of materials, the pressure makes the materials in the barrel move from the feeding end to the discharging end, and the slurry rises above the lower edge of the hollow shaft at the discharging end and overflows. The hollow shaft is equipped with anti-spiral Blades, which can return the overflow steel ball and the coarse ore block to the mill.

Technical Parameters

Maximum Feeding amount (kg/time)50
Capacity (kg/h)Output size(mm)Capacity
Overall size(mm)1650*900*1050

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