Rock Coltan Tin Ore Processing Plant

Rock Coltan Tin Ore Processing Plant

Release time:17 January 2022

Coltan Ore 

Coltan is the name of the composite mineral coltan tantalite. Coltan is a metal ore containing niobium and tantalum. Coltan mining has an incompatible role in the mining industry, coltan is widely used in the manufacture of high-tech products, such as mobile phones, DVD players, PS2 Games, and so on.

Tin Ore 

Tin is a soft, malleable, ductile, and highly crystalline silvery-white metal. Tin ore is usually extracted by gravity separation, which is determined by the fact that tin ore has a higher density than symbiotic minerals. However, tin ore is often accompanied by iron oxide minerals such as magnetite and hematite, so it is impossible to completely separate the ore only by the gravity separation method. Therefore, the tin ore extraction method will also use the magnetic process and flotation process methods.

Rock Coltan Tin Ore Processing Plant

50 TPH Rock Coltan Tin Ore Processing Plant

This setup is for a rock coltan tin ore processing plant. The Flowchart Explanation is as below.

  • The vibration feeder is for feeding raw material to the jaw crusher smoothly and stably.
  • Jaw crusher is primary crushing big stone to a smaller size less than 100mm, then output goes to cone crusher by conveyor.
  • The cone crusher is a secondary crushing machine for crushing rock coltan tin to about 30mm, then output sends to vibration screen.
  • The vibration screen(with 30mm screen mesh size) for screening out below 0-30mm sending to the storage bin, oversize +30mm send back to cone crusher to crush again.
  • The 0-30mm material on the storage bin will go to hammer crusher as fine grinding machine to grind material 0-2mm fine powder, so to release the coltan and tin from rock.
  • The output 0-2mm slurry from the hammermill will be pumped to the jig separator to concentrate heavy coltan tin.
  • The primary heavy concentrate ore discharged from the jig separator will be sent to the shaking table to concentrate again.
  • The shaking table has an extremely concentrated effect for heavy minerals, in order to get a higher purity of coltan and tin, the middling from the 1st stage shaking table will go to the 2nd stage shaking table to concentrate again, so can reach the highest recovery ratio and high purity coltan tin mixture.
  • All the 0-2mm coltan tin concentrate ore discharged from two stages shaking table will be sent to dewatering screen for dewatering water, then the concentrate ore will be sent to drying machine or dry in the sun depends on the customer.
  • The dry heavy minerals mixture will finally be sent to a high-intensity 3pcs disc dry magnetic separator, the gauss is adjustable to separate out each heavy mineral, such as iron, ilmenite, hematite, coltan and tin concentrate, etc. so as can get high-grade coltan and tin ore, usually, final coltan and tin grade can reach about 60-65% maximum depend on raw material conditions.

Rock Coltan Tin Ore Processing Plant Layout

50tph rock tin ore process plant
50tph rock tin ore process plant

Rock Coltan Tin Ore Processing Plant Equipment

The equipment used in the manganese ore recovery processing plant:

50tph rock tin ore process plant
50tph rock tin ore process plant
50tph rock tin ore process plant

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