Spiral washing plant

Spiral washing plant

【Feeding size】: 0-70mm

【Output capacity】: 10-100tph

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The spiral washing machine is widely used in the washing of all kinds of easy washing and hard washing ores. In more than 20% clay mine can make block crusher and chute , spiral washer can make the clay more than 20% of the ore washing spiral stirring, scrubbing and mud to separate the ore , washed ore discharged from the output side, water discharged from the tailing end. The equipment is combined with the scrubber washing machine and is a relatively effective for hard washing mine.

Spiral washing plant

Product Structure

Spiral washer is a large equipment for black and non-ferrous metallurgy mines, iron and steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials to wash ores and stones. The washing machine has great processing capacity, which is an ideal equipment to meet the requirements of large productivity for the cleanliness of ores and stones. Washing first can avoid the crusher and screen machine blocking , In the raw materials, such as soluble or harmful ingredients , should also be washed. The washing machine is widely used in mines, coal, smelting, and other industries.

Technical Parameters

ModelSpiral Dia.Rotating SpeedFeeding sizeTank slopeOutputPowerWeight

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