Introduction & Selection of Slurry Electromagnetic Separator

Published time:15 April 2024

The slurry electromagnetic separator is meticulously engineered for robust, continuous removal or concentration of weakly magnetic materials, catering to diverse applications such as hematite, rare earth minerals, and industrial minerals.

Crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, the electromagnetic separator boasts a potent magnetic field, ensuring uniform distribution and high gradient, resulting in a remarkable iron removal efficiency of up to 97%. Its cooling system is adeptly designed for forced water cooling, facilitating efficient temperature reduction by approximately 20°C, thereby extending the magnetic wire’s longevity.

Furthermore, incorporating premium imported materials for the brake valve ensures robustness, preventing residual slurry overflow post-closure. The cleaning mechanism employs vibration and high-pressure water pump flushing, ensuring thorough iron removal with zero residue. Notably, the magnetic medium net sheet, tailored for distinct slurry compositions, ensures effortless iron removal through automatic operation, devoid of any remanence upon excitation coil power cutoff.


Application Prospects

  • Mining field
    Electromagnetic slurry magnetic separator has wide application prospects in the mining field. It can be used for beneficiation of ores rich in magnetic minerals to improve the grade and recovery rate of ores and reduce resource waste. At the same time, for some refractory ores, electromagnetic slurry magnetic separator can play an important role as an effective separation method.
  • Environmental protection and waste disposal
    In the fields of environmental protection and waste treatment, electromagnetic slurry magnetic separators also have potential application prospects. For example, it can be used to treat magnetic particles in wastewater and reduce pollutants in the environment; at the same time, for useful magnetic materials contained in some waste, the electromagnetic slurry magnetic separator can achieve effective recovery of resources.
  • Biomedical Science
    In addition to the mining and environmental protection fields, electromagnetic slurry magnetic separators also have potential application prospects in the biomedical field. It can be used in cell sorting, drug delivery, etc. to support biomedical research and treatment.



Highlighted Features

  • Outstanding performance with weakly magnetic materials, boasting higher recovery rates (up to 4-6% higher for equivalent grade) or elevated grades.
  • Unmatched capacity without the risk of clogging.
  • Innovative design and sturdy construction mitigate maintenance requirements, courtesy of patented media manufacturing technology.
  • Enhanced separation efficiency through double jig cleaning, a patented feature.
  • Reduced water consumption facilitated by air-assisted discharge, is another patented innovation.
  • Elimination of ring movement/indexing and premature concentrate drop, both patented attributes.
  • Versatility in models and sizes to suit varied requirements.
  • Simplified and dependable operation via direct water cooling.


Key Characteristic

  • Specialized magnetic medium net sheet tailored to different slurry compositions.
  • A unique feeding mechanism ensures multiple contacts between materials and media nodes, guaranteeing precise sorting.
  • Impressive magnetic force ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 Gauss, accompanied by minimal operating and maintenance expenses.
  • Automatic iron absorption and removal mechanisms ensure high reliability and prolonged service life.


Slurry Electromagnetic Separator

Work Process

  • Generation of magnetic field
    The magnetic field in a slurry magnetic separator is usually generated by an electromagnet. By energizing the electromagnet, the intensity and direction of the magnetic field generated by the electromagnet can be adjusted to adapt to the magnetic sorting needs of different particles. In addition, some high-performance permanent magnets can also be used to generate stable magnetic fields, which have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Sorting of magnetic particles
    When the slurry passes through the magnetic field, the magnetic particles are affected by the magnetic force and are adsorbed in the magnetic pole area to form magnetic ore; the non-magnetic particles are repelled to the edge of the magnetic field and form a non-magnetic waste residue. By adjusting the intensity and direction of the magnetic field, the trajectory of magnetic particles can be controlled, thereby achieving effective sorting.


As an advanced technology that uses magnetic fields for material separation, electromagnetic slurry magnetic separator has broad application prospects. In the fields of mining, environmental protection, and waste treatment, it will play an important role in improving resource utilization and reducing environmental pollution. With the continuous development of science and technology, we believe that electromagnetic slurry magnetic separators will show their strong application potential in more fields and contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.


How to Select Slurry Magnetic Separator?

When selecting a slurry electromagnetic separator, certain principles need to be followed to ensure that the selected equipment can meet production needs and process requirements. The following will introduce the principles of slurry electromagnetic separator selection in detail.

1. Understand the characteristics of slurry

Before choosing a slurry electromagnetic separator, you need to understand the characteristics of the slurry. This includes the slurry’s concentration, viscosity, solids content, particle size, etc. These characteristics will directly affect the selection and design of the separator.

2. Determine processing capacity

Based on production needs, determine the amount of slurry that needs to be processed. This will determine the size and power requirements of the separator. When selecting a separator, you need to ensure that it can meet the processing capacity requirements of the production line.

3. Choose the appropriate magnet

The magnetic force of the slurry electromagnetic separator is the key factor affecting the iron removal effect. When choosing a separator, you need to understand its magnetic force and magnetic field strength. Generally speaking, high magnetic force can better adsorb and remove iron impurities in the slurry. However, too high a magnetic force may lead to increased energy consumption and wear and tear of the equipment, so it is necessary to select the appropriate magnetic force based on actual needs.

4. Consider equipment structure

The structure of the slurry electromagnetic separator is also an important factor in model selection. It is necessary to select an equipment structure suitable for the characteristics of the slurry to ensure iron removal effect and equipment durability. Generally speaking, the slurry electromagnetic separator should be wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.

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