Hanging Flotation Cell

Hanging Flotation Cell

Tank Capacity】5-1000g

Impeller DiameterØ20-Ø80mm

【Feed Size】<0.2mm

ApplicationSuitable for laboratory flotation research for ore samples

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Laboratory XFG Series Hanging Tank Flotation Cell is used for the laboratory of the mineral processing industry, geology, metallurgy, building material, chemical engineering, and scientific research institution to stir, scrub, separate, and refine a small number of samples.

XFG Series Hanging Tank Flotation Cell is a new generation of equipment according to the client’s demand. It adopts a stainless steel frame, frequency conversion technology, and digital display to make the machine good-looking, accurate to adjustment, and easy to operate.


  • Rapid flotation
  • Desirable separation indexes
  • Hanging trough type
  • With frequency conversion or electronic speed control
  • With digital play and accurate adjustment
Hanging Flotation Cell

Product Structure

XFG-type hanging tank flotation machine consists of the following components: frame, motor, governor, main shaft, an impeller body, impeller, belt, fastening handle, and flotation tank.

The main shaft rotates clockwise, which is transmitted to the main shaft on the impeller body through the motor, the tower wheel, the bridge wheel, and the upper end of the impeller body, and drives the impeller to rotate clockwise. The speed change of the main shaft is realized by changing the tower wheel.

【Working Principle】
The triangular transmission of the motor drives the hanging tank flotation machine to rotate the impeller, which generates centrifugal action to form a negative pressure. On the one hand, it inhales sufficient air to mix with the ore pulp. On the other hand, it stirs the ore pulp to mix with drugs and refines the foam to make the mineral bond to the foam, float to the slurry surface, and form mineralized foam. Adjust the height of the ram to control the liquid level so that the scraper scrapes off the valuable foam.

Technical Parameters

Tank Capacity(g)5152535501002505001000
Tank Volume(ML)2060100140200400100020004000
Impeller Diameter(mm)Ø20Ø26Ø26Ø30Ø36Ø48Ø60Ø64Ø80
Impeller Speed(r/min)1000-18501000-18501500/2000900/1500
Feed Size(mm)0.05-0.2
Main Shaft MotorYTC-180-4/125
Frequency TransformerSingle Frequency Converter GS-0.4K
Flowmeter(L/min)LZB-3; 0.03-0.3LZB-3; 0.06-0.6
Motor Power(W)9090250250

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