Small Spiral Chute

Small Spiral Chute

Capacity: 0.15- 3 T/H

Processible Material:gold, chrome, tin, coltan, diamond, tantalite, silica sand.

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1. Reasonable structure and small occupation area;
2. High recovery, high efficiency, and precise separation;
3. Light in weight, rust and corrosion resistant;
4. Simple installation and Minimal maintenance requirements;
5. Low operating cost and long operating life;
6. Reliable running with minimal operator attention;
7. Strong adaptability to fluctuation of feeding amount, density, size and grade.

Small Spiral Chute incorporates state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology. Our spiral separators are made of high quality polyurethane with fiberglass banking and wearable corundum inner surface.

Small Spiral Chute

Product Structure

Laboratory Spiral Separator
Laboratory Spiral Chute
Laboratory Spiral Concentrator
Laboratory Gravity Spiral Chute
Laboratory Spiral Chute Separator

Technical Parameters

Outside Diameter (mm)400600900
Pitch (mm)240,180450,360,270675,540,405
Pitch Diameter Ratio0.6,0.450.75,0.6,0.450.75,0.6,0.45
Lateral Slope
Maximum Starts per Column232.0-4.0
Feeding Size (mm)0.2-0.020.2-0.020.3-0.03
Feeding Density (%)25-5525-5525-55
Capacity (t/hr)0.15-0.20.8-1.22.0-3.0
External SizeLength (mm)4607001060
Width (mm)4607001060
Height (mm)150026004000
Weight (kg)50150400

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