Belt Filter Press | 9 Faults and How to Fix Them

Published time:27 August 2020

The belt filter press uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the object to make the liquid dialysis out of a mechanical device. It is a commonly used solid-liquid separation device equipment. This article introduces some faults analysis and solving solutions about belt filter press.
belt press filter

1. The electric control cabinet is not energized and cannot start the motor?

Failure reason: overload or emergency stop power switch is locked, the protection device is activated.

Solution: Check whether the protection device is disconnected, whether the transmission load is overloaded, and whether the circuit system is damaged.

2. The barometer cannot be adjusted?

Causes of failure: Air leakage in the pipeline or pneumatic components; the air compressor cannot start automatically; the air filter is blocked or the pressure regulating valve is damaged.

Solution: Check whether the air pipe is damaged or knotted, check the air compressor and pneumatic components, and repair or replace them in time.

3. shuts down

The cause of the failure: the filter screen is out of limit, and the protection is automatically activated.

Solution: loosen the mesh belt, manually move the mesh belt to reset the middle, release the protection, and then position the travel switch after normal operation.

4. The filter runs off the limit

Cause of failure: failure of the deviation adjustment device.

Solution: Check the air pressure, the deviation adjustment valve, the filter induction roller, the connecting rod, the air cylinder and the deviation adjustment roller.

5. The roller can’t rotate

Cause of failure: The bearing is damaged

Solution: Replace the bearing

6. High water content of filter cake

Causes of failure: insufficient flocculation; insufficient strain on the strainer; too fast speed of the filter press; or the strainer was not cleaned.

Solution: Adjust the switch of the sewage valve, adjust the flocculation effect and the concentration of the flocculent liquid, and check whether the cleaning device is working properly.

7. Mud leakage on both sides of the extrusion section

Causes of failure: too much feed; poor flocculation effect; filter screen does not filter water in time.

Solution: Adjust the sludge valve switch, adjust the flocculation effect and flocculation concentration, and check whether the cleaning device is working properly.

8. Too much suspended solids in filtrate or washing water

The cause of the failure: the permeable gap of the filter is too large and the flocculation is insufficient

Solution: Replace the filter screen, check whether the flocculant is selected properly, and the dissolved concentration standard.

9. Poor sludge flocculation effect

Cause of failure: incorrect mixing ratio of sludge and flocculent, low concentration of flocculent, and high sludge concentration.

Solution: check the concentration of the flocculant, adjust the dosage; change the variety and quality of the flocculant.

In summary
The belt filter press often has problems mainly in the filter belt, mixed cylinder bearing, correction, etc. Therefore, the operation and management personnel are required to use the belt filter press in accordance with the operating procedures. Regular inspections of the relevant parts of the belt press and recent The operating status and management data are from easy to difficult to investigate the cause of the fault to prevent the impact of the fault from expanding.

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