Causes & Solutions of Wet Magnetic Separator Faults

Published time:02 March 2023

The wet magnetic separator is one of the commonly used beneficiation equipment. It has a strong processing capacity and can apply to many industries. It has a variety of different specifications to meet the production needs of different scales of beneficiation plants. Nowadays, more and more wet magnetic separators are used in river sand. Wet magnetic separators are less affected by moisture, so the selection of iron in river sand is the most obvious. We all know that various small faults will inevitably occur during the use of the equipment, affecting the regular operation of mineral processing. In the face of these common failures, we need to find out the reasons, solve them and pay attention to daily maintenance and repair work in the future. Today we will talk about the common problems of equipment and their specific solutions.

Wet Magnetic Separator Problems & Solutions

1. The reducer is overheated.

The following reasons may usually cause this situation:

  • Insufficient oil quantity or poor oil quality;
  • The gear and worm wear too much, or the meshing is not good;
  • The bearing is not well lubricated or severely worn.

2. The sound of the equipment is abnormal when it is running.

Obstacles may stick the cylinder, and even the cylinder cannot rotate, and the bottom box vibrates.

Objects stick it in the bottom box, or the magnetic block falls off, making the cylinder rattle. And in severe cases, it will scratch the cylinder skin. At this time, it should stop the machine immediately for maintenance and troubleshooting.

3. The motor is overheated, and its sound is abnormal.
It is generally due to the following:

  • Insufficient lubrication or severe wear of the bearing;
  • The switch line is not in good contact, or the line is broken and runs single-phase;
  • The fan blades fall off or wear out;
  • The voltage is too low.

Wet Magnetic Separator

4. The equipment cannot drain water
The wet magnetic separator drains from the bottom. If it cannot drain, check the drain valve first. If the unit is not draining due to a drain valve problem, we need to replace the drain valve. When replacing the drain valve, first loosen the tightening spring of each pipe, and then loosen the fixing screws below to replace it. Find the same model, specification, and model to replace it and then troubleshoot. The drain pipe may also be blocked and should clean up in time.

5. Water cannot enter the equipment
Check whether this end of the water inlet valve is blocked by dirt. If not, there is a problem with the circuit. Check whether the water inlet valve is damaged. If not, the computer board may malfunction or be damaged. At this time, replace the water inlet valve with a new one.

6. The switch on the control surface of the wet-type magnetic separator is faulty.
For example, disassemble the button of the water level selector to check whether it has lost its function due to poor contact. If so, we can replace or clean it.

7. Heating problem
In this case, putting a little water out is easier to measure the water temperature. If the water temperature is sufficient, it determines that the temperature control switch is invalid. Another reason is that the water is always heating, so we need to measure if there is the voltage across it. If there is no voltage, there is a problem with the programmer and supplier. If so, check for a faulty heating wire; it could also be that the steam valve is wrong and needs replacing.

8. The wet magnetic separator is weak
When placing standard capacity materials, the equipment cannot rotate. First, check whether single-phase capacitors damage the motor parts, and then focus on checking whether the pulley is loose or not strong enough.

9. The computer can’t display
If the computer cannot display, please check whether the circuit power supply is in lousy contact; check whether the circuit is a short circuit, and replace the fuse with the same capacity.

10. The device can be submerged but can’t start
It is necessary to confirm whether the wet magnetic separator has been draining water and the water volume has yet to be reached, failing to start. Second, check whether the water level switch is intact and whether it can’t start due to a fault in the water control switch.

11. The magnetic field strength of the magnetic separator becomes weaker.
If the magnetic field strength of the magnetic separator suddenly becomes weak during operation, consider the following factors:

  • Whether the temperature of the magnetic separator is too high;
  • Has the magnetic separator been exposed to sunlight;
  • Whether it suffers from acid and alkali corrosion, etc.


Specifications for the use of the wet magnetic separator

  1. The wet magnetic separator should be inspected and installed by full-time personnel;
  2. The equipment is installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts;
  3. When installing, pay attention to the verticality of the main body and the horizontal;
  4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment;
  5. After the inspection is completed, carry out a no-load test run, and the production can start after the test run is regular.


When there is a problem with the equipment, we must observe it and deal with it on time so as not to cause equipment failure and delay the work progress. The magnetic separator produced by JXSC Mineral Machine is made of wear-resistant raw materials with long service life, low maintenance cost, and high production efficiency. Welcome to buy if necessary.

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