Double Deck Gold Shaker Table

Published time:31 January 2018

The double deck gold shaker table is an innovative product of the traditional single deck shaker. It covers small area, large processing capacity, energy-saving, relatively low equipment cost, high rich ore ratio, high efficiency, easy to adjust the stroke. The balance of the bed surface can be maintained while changing the lateral slope and stroke. The spring is placed in the table body, the final concentrate and final tailings can be obtained at one time.

double deck shaker table

6s Double deck shaker table

The introduction of the 6-S double-layer shaker solves many problems in the use of the 6-S single-layer shaker.
Used to sort the first section of grinding products in the 0.4 mm size.
The main minerals that can be treated are white tungsten, stibnite, natural gold, pyrite, quartz, etc.

Structure and material

The 6-S double-layer shaker adopts the same form base as the 6-S large channel steel bracket shaker. The two base feet are placed on the large channel steel base, and the welded channel steel bracket is raised on the large channel steel plate for placing the shaking head. The shaker surface adopts the same bed surface with the same size as the original bed surface on the 6-S single-layer shaker bed surface, and the upper and lower layers are supported by steel plates. The spacing between them is 400 mm and the free space is about 300 mm.
The bed is still equipped with a double crank rocker mechanism. The spring box is outside the rocking box, and the crankshaft, tie rod, spring, rocker, and other components are correspondingly enlarged in size, and the material is more standardized.
The bed surface is an FRP bed surface, and the upper and lower layers are all 1823×1558×4520 mm. The upper and lower bed surfaces share a set of slope regulating devices on the lower bed surface, which are supported by rocking brackets. The radius of the rotating arc of the adjusting seat plate and the base is increased to 545mm, so that the center of rotation of the circular fulcrum is on the same line as the center of the traction screw.



Double shaker table widely used in the selection of tungsten, tin, antimony, antimony, gold and other rare metals and precious metal ore. It can be used for rough selection, sweeping and other different operations, sorting different grades of coarse sand (2-0.5mm), fine sand (0.5-0.074mm), slime and so on. It can also be used to select iron, manganese ore and coal. When processing ore such as tungsten or tin, the effective recovery particle size of the shaker ranges from 2 to 0.22 mm.

Double deck shaker design

Choice of grid

The grid is one of the important factors affecting the sorting effect of shaker. The choice of grids includes grid paving design, grid combination and grid geometry.
(1) Paving design
The paving bars must be kept on the same plane. The closing grid (ie the first grid) is 2-5 mm higher than the second grid treaty and requires straightness. Otherwise, the horizontal flow will be unevenly distributed and the bed will be disturbed. The pavement design should also pay attention to the size of the sweeping angle. When the tail coal content is small and the medium coal content is large, a smaller sweeping angle should be used to increase the tail coal ash.
(2) grid combination
When the ratio of the particle size of the feed material is large, it is preferable to use a combination of high and low intervals. The height of the bars depends on the particle size of the feed. Use high bars when the granularity is large, and use low bars if the granularity is large.
(3) grid spacing
In order to maintain sufficient eddy current strength, the spacing of the bars should be large when washing large particle sizes, and the spacing should be small. However, when the slime contains a large amount of fine coal or vermiculite, a larger grid spacing should be used.

Feed trough length and spring stiffness

When the feed ability is good and the net coal content is high, a longer feed tank can be used in the main washing shaker because there is still a chance to wash again. When the feed ability is poorly selected, or the shaker is washed again, the feed tank should be shorter, which can both increase the throughput and ensure the quality of the product.
Proper selection of springs creates conditions for material sorting and transportation. When the shaker moves forward, the spring is compressed, and the return force is used to assist the normal operation of the differential mechanism by the thrust of the spring itself, and the spring is adapted to the rigidity required of the shaker. At the same time, the tightness of the spring should be appropriate. When it is too tight, the differential is small; when it is too loose, the mechanical vibration is large, so it is necessary to keep the sound of the shaker running normally.

Horizontal flushing

Adjusting the horizontal flushing water to ensure the medium coal and tailings ash, and accurately and timely transport the materials to the important conditions of each sorting zone. When the flushing water in the clean coal area is large, the medium coal is easy to pollute the clean coal; while the middle coal area is flushed with water, the tail coal is easy to pollute the coal. Therefore, the size of the flushing water should be adjusted.
(1) In the case of more material in the coal section of the coal area and more coal particles in the tailing coal area, it is necessary to increase the flushing water in the clean coal area close to the feeding tank to maintain the freedom of the surface material in the coal area. Smooth, the coal slurry has sufficient fluidity along the bed surface and good stratification conditions. The water stream is to be immersed in all the coal particles.
(2) If there is more coal in the tailing coal area, it is necessary to increase the flushing water in the coal area, so that the coal ash and tail coal ash can be ensured.
(3) If there are many meteorites in the tailing coal area, it is necessary to increase the horizontal flushing water in the tailing coal area and remove the meteorites in time to avoid affecting the tailing coal discharged from the coal area. It is required that the horizontal flushing water should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the quality; the horizontal flushing water can not be too small, too small can not guarantee the recovery rate, and the medium coal and tailing coal ash can not be guaranteed.

Feed concentration and feed amount adjustment

The feed concentration is one of the main adjustable factors of the shaker, which directly affects product quality. Based on practical experience, we believe that the feed concentration can be adjusted according to the following principles.
(1) It is required that the coal slurry has sufficient fluidity along the bed surface and good stratification conditions, and the water flow should be immersed in all the coal particles.
(2) When selecting coarse coal, a higher concentration is required; when fine coal is selected, a lower concentration is required.
(3) Guarantee the quality of clean coal to adjust the feed concentration. Ensure the quality of the tailings is mainly to adjust the horizontal flushing water.
(4) The balance between the feed concentration and the feed amount must be ensured. When selecting the coal coarse coal, the concentration required is higher, generally 350-400g/L. When fine coal is selected, the required concentration is low, generally about 300-350g/L.

The amount of feed to the shaker is related to the feed size and optionality. When the feed size is large and the selectivity is good, the feed amount can be large, and vice versa. When the feed ability and the characteristics of the shaker are constant, there may be a certain amount of feed. At this time, under the corresponding stratification speed and accuracy conditions, the feed amount should be balanced with the discharge amount of the product. Otherwise, the processing volume is too large, too late to stratify, affecting the quality of sorting; if the processing volume is too small, it is not enough to lay the bed layer, and the sorting is not good.

Shaker table installation

The position of the bed should be increased so that the centerline of the traction screw is overlapped with the bisector of the upper and lower bed spaces so that the traction forces of the upper and lower beds are substantially equal. The center of the traction screw and the center of the rotation arc of the slope-control device are on the same line, which is convenient for turning the slope, otherwise, it will not turn. The motor capacity is adjusted as appropriate.

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