Dry Magnetic Separator Enhances Efficiency and Sustainability

Published time:28 February 2024

The dry magnetic separator is a magnetic mineral separation machine for sorting dry magnetic minerals.

The dry magnetic separator is commonly used in iron and manganese ore and is the mainstream strong magnetic separator mineral processing equipment. A dry magnetic separator is a magnetic mineral separation machine for sorting dry magnetic minerals. Compared with a wet magnetic separator, which uses liquid as a diluent to improve the separation efficiency, a dry magnetic separator requires The sorted minerals to be dry, and the particles can move freely between each other and become independent free states. Otherwise, the magnetic separation effect will be affected, and even the consequences of inseparability will be caused.

The dry magnetic separator is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite, and other materials with particle sizes less than 3mm. It also removes coal, non-metallic ores, building materials, and other materials.


three Disc Dry Magnetic Separator
three Disc Dry Magnetic Separator


Dry Magnetic Separator Type

Dry magnetic separators are divided into dry weak-intensity and high-intensity magnetic separators.


Dry Weak Intensity Magnetic Separator

The dry weak intensity magnetic separator is a device that uses a relatively weak magnetic field to separate materials. Its primary purpose is to remove iron filings and strong magnetic impurities or to enrich strong magnetic useful components. Levitation magnets, magnetic pulleys, flat magnets, or lattice magnets are generally used to remove iron filings and strong magnetic impurities. In contrast, magnetic drums mainly enrich strong magnetic valuable components. This type of magnetic separator usually uses permanent magnet materials or electromagnetic coils to generate a weak magnetic field, and its magnetic field strength is generally between a few thousand Gauss and tens of thousands of Gauss.

The working principle of the dry weak intensity magnetic separator is to separate magnetic and non-magnetic particles through the different stress conditions in the magnetic field. Under the action of a weak magnetic field, magnetic particles are adsorbed or deflected by the magnetic force, while non-magnetic particles are not affected, thus achieving separation.

Dry weak intensity magnetic separators usually have a simple structure and stable operation and are suitable for some occasions that require lower magnetic field strength. At the same time, because the magnetic field is relatively weak, its separation efficiency may be relatively low. Therefore, a dry weak intensity magnetic separator must be considered based on specific material properties and processing requirements. It may need to be combined with other material processing technologies to improve separation efficiency.


Dry High Intensity Magnetic Separators

The dry high-intensity magnetic separator is a magnetic separation equipment for sorting weakly magnetic minerals. It has high magnetic field strength and strong sorting ability. It is widely used in weak manganese ore, limonite, hematite, other weak magnetic ferrous metal ores, and impurities in slag.

The magnetic field strength of the high-intensity dry magnetic separator is over 10000-16000GS. Among them, the processing capacity of the dry strong magnetic separator is the most outstanding. This is due to its open magnetic system design. The superiority of the structure determines the advantages of the equipment’s performance. The processing capacity of dry high-intensity magnetic separators is more than three times that of ordinary magnetic separators, and the tailings discharged are relatively small. This is why many mineral processing users choose dry high-intensity magnetic separation.

Dry magnetic separators using strong intensity magnetic include induction roller type, swivel type, disc type, belt type, and permanent magnet roller type magnetic separators. It is used to sort weakly magnetic minerals and is widely used to sort manganese ore, iron ore, seaside sand ore, tungsten, tin ore, etc.


high intensity dry magnetic separator
high intensity dry magnetic separator


According to their different structures and working principles, dry magnetic separators can be divided into several main types:

  • Drum Dry Magnetic Separator: Drum magnetic separators are the most common type. It includes a rotating magnetic drum. When the material to be processed passes through the drum, it is affected by the magnetic field. The magnetic particles are attracted and adsorbed on the surface of the drum, and the non-magnetic material falls from the drum to achieve separation.
  • Magnetic Plate Dry Magnetic Separator: A magnetic plate separator is usually used to process finer particle materials. It consists of a series of magnetic plates arranged on a flat surface. When materials pass through the magnetic field area, magnetic particles will be adsorbed on the magnetic plates while non-magnetic materials continue to pass.
  • Drum-type permanent magnet dry magnetic separator: This type of magnetic separator uses permanent magnet materials to generate a magnetic field without needing an external power supply. They generally have higher magnetic field strengths and lower energy consumption.
  • Airflow dry magnetic separator: Airflow dry magnetic separator uses air flow to separate magnetic and non-magnetic particles. The material is sprayed in the airflow, and the magnetic particles are affected by the magnetic force and separated.
  • Belt Dry Magnetic Separator: This type of magnetic separator consists of a belt conveyor carrying magnetic material. When materials are transported on a conveyor belt, they are affected by the magnetic field, and the magnetic particles are adsorbed on the belt and separated.


4-roller dry high intensity magnetic separator
4-roller dry high intensity magnetic separator


These are the classifications of several common dry magnetic separators; each type has applicable scenarios, advantages, and disadvantages. Selecting the appropriate type of magnetic separator depends on the nature of the material, the throughput, and the required separation efficiency.


Dry Magnetic Separator Advantages

No water is needed for mineral processing: The dry magnetic separator does not require water. Compared with water separation, The dry magnetic separator produces no sludge sewage and saves water resources.

Good sorting effect: Because this machine adopts a dynamic magnetic system design, the mineral materials slide, shift, and tumble on the surface of the drum, and the drum does not stick to the material, which is conducive to material sorting. The primary grade can be increased by 1-4 times, and the one-time concentration grade can reach more than 60%.

Large processing capacity: The dry magnetic separator adopts a wrapped open magnetic system. The materials are not lumped together, and there is no clogging. Therefore, the processing capacity is large. The processing capacity of a single preliminary machine can reach more than 50 tons of raw ore, and multiple machines can also be used in parallel to double the output.

Adapt to various industries: Dry magnetic separators are divided into four categories, with multiple varieties and specifications. It can meet the needs of iron ore, river sand, tailings, steel slag, steel ash, sulfuric acid slag, abrasives, refractory materials, plate making, rubber, grain, and many other industries. Some equipment can also be used for multiple purposes.

High production effect: Dry separation does not use water, so it can be produced continuously all year round without being restricted by water sources. It can add 100-150 working days per year for areas without water, seasonal water shortage, and the alpine regions, effectively improving equipment utilization.

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