Gravity separator machine for gold recovery

Published time:12 April 2018

Gravity separator machine working principle

Each mine is base on lots different metal, every metal will have itself weight, this weight is for different, gravity separator machine is use this different weight to separator different metal, like gold, gold is weight then other metal, so shaking table, jig separator, sluice box, and centrifugal concentration this machine can get the more weight metal (gold).

Two existing forms of gold in nature

In nature have two forms of gold, one for stone gold, one for alluvial gold.

  1. Stone gold is encircled by stone, if need recovery stone gold, need crusher, and ball mill, and shaking table.
  2. Alluvial gold is for a independent bodyin sand mine. Some alluvial gold with clay, some alluvial gold don’t have clay. If need recovery alluvial gold, need washing plant, centrifugal concentration , jig separator, shaking table, sluice box.

Pls check the picture, is very easy to separator this two kinds.


How to use gravity separator machine to recovery gold

1. Stone gold recovery line

First will base on stone gold capacity and feeding size, then can choose the best machine, we have three different flow chat, one if capacity is for 1 ton per hour, and feeding size 0-30mm, it can feeding to wet pen mill, after wet pen mill to shaking table. Two if capacity is for 1-2 tons per hour, feeding size is 0-130mm, it can use jaw crusher, then to hammer crusher, last use two sets shaking table. Three if capacity is greater then 2 tons per hour, and feeding size is greater then 130mm, it need use two steps jaw crusher. Then use ball mill + spiral classifier. Last to shaking table.

Pls see the below picture, is for  1 ton per hour, feeding size 0-30mm.


The 2 tons per hour, feeding size 130mm


The 10 tons per hour, feeding size 500mm

  1. Alluvial gold recovery line

Alluvial mine have two kinds, one is with clay, one without clay. Also need base the capacity and gold size to choose the suitable machine, First clay mine need scrubber washing machine to washing mine clean, then if gold size is for 0-3mm, After scrubber machine it can to centrifugal, then to shaking table. If gold size +3mm, it can use jig separator. Then without clay mine just need screen machine to separator big size, also if gold size is for 0-3mm, After scrubber machine it can to centrifugal, then to shaking table. If gold size +3mm, it can use jig separator.


Why choose gravity separator machine to recovery gold

For now global environment is become worse and worse, it need each of us to protect it, to love it. Gravity separator machine it use gravity to separator. It don’t need any chemical agent. Flotation and cyanide all need chemical agent to get gold. This chemical agent is bad for global environment.

Gravity separator machine is easy to operation, after install, it just need open the switch, then can begin to working.

Gravity separator machine is very safe, because is don’t have chemical agent, and easy to operation.

Our factory have much experience for gold recovery, also can do tin . tan, ni, chrome, diamond mine. If you need more details can check: 

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