Leaching Tank

Leaching Tank

【Effective Capacity】 6-342 m³

【Motor Power】2.2-22 kW

【Application】Non-ferrous metal beneficiation and other mixed operations

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Gold Leaching tank, also called gold leaching agitation tank, double impeller leaching mixing tank, gold leaching agitation tank, etc. It is used for gold mining extraction in gold-leaching plants. The leaching tank is suitable for gold leaching, adsorption, and other mixing operations with small specific gravity, low viscosity, slow sedimentation speed, ore particle size of more than 90% at -200 mesh, and slurry concentration less than 45%. The double impeller leaching tank suits chemical, mineral processing, smelting, and other industrial industries.

The leaching tanks widely used in non-ferrous metal extraction metallurgy mainly include percolation leaching tanks, agitation leaching tanks, heap Leaching, pressure leaching tanks, bioleaching tanks, and column leaching tanks.


  • Double layer impeller, uniform mixing, and low energy consumption;
  • The impeller is coated with rubber and has a long service life;
  • Multi-point air supply is adopted to evenly inflate;
  • The air enters the tank and is stirred by the blades to disperse evenly, small bubbles;
  • The pulp concentration and fineness distribution in the tank are consistent, which can improve the leaching rate and carbon adsorption rate;
  • Reasonable structure, and convenient maintenance.

We produce all kinds of mining tanks, such as leaching tanks, mining mixing tanks, and adsorption tanks, including double impeller leaching tanks, slurry mixing tanks, high concentration mixing tanks, lift mixing tanks, vertical mixing tanks, reagent mixing tanks, high-efficiency adsorption tanks, etc.,

Leaching Tank

Product Structure

The double-impeller leaching tank is composed of a vertical shaft, a motor base, an impeller, a coupling, a tank cover, a reducer base, a tank body, a coupling support, etc.

The slurry in the double-impeller leaching tank flows from top to bottom in the center under the dragging and stirring action of the double impellers diffuses through the surrounding damping plates, and air is introduced at the lower end of the shaft to mix with the slurry and circulate upward to form a uniform suspended mixed liquid.

Technical Parameters


ModelSpecifications Size of the Tank DxH(mm)Effective Capacity (m3)Rotary Speed of Impeller(r/min)Diameter of Impeller (mm)Diameter of Feeding Pipe (mm)Diameter of Discharging Pipe (mm)Planet Cycloid Reducing MotorWeight (kg)
ModelSpeed RatioMotor Power (kW)


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