How to mined gold

Published time:17 April 2018

What is gold mining?

Gold mining is basically the process of extracting gold from inside the earth. If we talk about mining for gold then it happens on about all mainland’s. There are various techniques to mine for gold, and there are likewise various categories and sizes of gold deposits in the earth. Having been mining for over 5,000 years, gold is among the first and most wanted of all normal natural minerals. The techniques utilized for mining rely upon a region’s conditions.

What are Gold Mining Machines required for gold mining process?

In this modern world, gold mining techniques are generally similar procedures utilized as a part of gold digging for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The modern techniques used for mining gold utilize more advanced gold mining machines and more refined strategies, yet basically it still a necessary standard form has dependably been utilized.

The kind of gold mining machines that you will require for gold mining depend on an awesome arrangement on the kind of mining that you have at the top of the priority list. On the off chance that you are simply out for a day of relaxation to risk your arm in one of the allowed to prospect streams then you will require just exceptionally fundamental gold mining machine. On the other side that then again, you are planning to supplement your earnings then you will need to put resources into some expert gold mining machine.

In this article, we will guide you that how to mine gold with gold mining machines.

Gold Mining with Pan

The essential standards of panning for gold are an essential today from they were the miners of old. Indeed, even the gold pans utilized today are fundamentally the same as in configuration to those utilized numerous years prior. Even a few people have attempted to offer distinctive molded pans as being more proficient the truth of the matter is that the prominent round gold pan is all you require. There are mechanical pans additionally, a large number of these are utilized more to separate the gold from the concentrates instead of as a prospecting tool.

Gold Mining with Shaker Table

A shaker table is a gold mining machine utilized as a part of the gold mining industry that segregates substantial metals from other fine constituents. It comprises of a somewhat inclined table that has side boards to help contain washed materials. Grind shake is water washed onto the table where vibration shakes out large gold that remaining parts and lighter materials escape. In the first times, early miners utilized manual shaker tables driven by pulley frameworks. In any case, current ones keep running on generators or electric power. It doesn’t require much push to make one from normally accessible materials and recycled parts.

Gold Mining with Scrubbers and Trommels

Scrubbers and Trommels are used in the mineral recovery process. They are accessible in a number of varieties and sizes and you can choose them according to your need for utilization. Here’s additional about them.


Scrubbers are built in that way to separate alluvial rock, dirt, and sand. They can deal with stone washing, bolsters with high dirt substance and difficult mineral. Scrubbers process valuable metals, base metals, minerals, aggregates, rock, and sand. This is done through revolving and the power of particles hitting each other. As the scrubber revolve gradually, the fines are shaken along with the larger than usual and water. Subsequently, the soil framework is broken and the desired material is freed.

As opposed to customary trommels, scrubbers have a breakage function like a ball process, with included ordinary washing and screening that would be finished with a trommel.


Trommels are built for superior screening, arrangement, and grading application. A trommel is a marginally slanted revolving metal tube with a screen at its release end. Lifter bars, once in a while as rushed in the form of bolted in angle iron, are linked to the inside of the turning metal tube. The metal is nourished into the lifted end of the trommel. Water, frequently under pressure, is given to the trommel and screen areas and the mix of water and mechanical activity free the precious minerals from the metal. The mineral-bearing metal that goes through the screen is then additionally packed in little gadgets, for example, sluices and jigs. The bigger particles of metal that don’t go through the screen can be conveyed to a waste stack by a transport.

Gold Mining with Gold Detector

A metal detector is only the device to cover a vast area without losing a great deal of sweat. By strolling along a river bank, shoreline, or the local location, a man with a gold detector can find any gold fixations without getting their shovel dirty. These might be rich pockets of gold-bearing sand, or they might be somebody’s lost bracelet or ring it all depends on where you are prospecting.

Gold Mining with Ball Mill

A ball mill is a kind of processor used to crush and mix materials for use in mineral dressing forms, paints, pyrotechnics, ceramics and specific laser sintering. It takes a shot at the rule of impact and attrition, size decrease is finished by impact as the balls drop from close to the highest point of the shell. A ball mill, a kind of processor, is a cylindrical gadget utilized as a part of grinding or blending materials like gold and metals. Ball mills turn around a horizontal axis, halfway loaded with the material to be ground in addition to the grinding medium. Diverse materials are utilized as media, including ceramic balls, stone rocks, and stainless steel balls. An inner falling cascading effect diminishes the material to a fine powder. Modern bal l mills can work constantly, sustained toward one side and released at the opposite end.

Gold Mining with High Banker Sluice Box

Gold mining innovation takes another jump forward with the High Banker Sluice Box. These tools for mining gold accelerate gold recovery considerably more. By including a water pump and progressed sluicing innovation to the essential Sluice Box idea a miner can scoop crude material into the framework speedier. The recovery rate of the gold is likewise enhanced, particularly in regions where the gold is in stickier soil or earth. Another preferred standpoint of the High Banker Sluice Box is that water can be reused so the miner does not require a similar measure of the water flow in the river, which implies prospecting in zones other sluice box administrators have not possessed the capacity to work.

Gold Mining with Floatation Cell

In the flotation procedure of the gold mining, significant steps that must be done include the procedure smashing of rock minerals, milling, flotation, drying, and purifying. In this procedure of rock minerals that have been taken from the mine site and afterward smashed by the machine to acquire a fine grain of sand to free metal-containing granules for additionally preparing. In the smashing of mineral rocks of the machine, instruments can utilize a stone crusher machine, so the base size of rock minerals can reach between 28 works.

Gold Mining within Hard Rocks

In most of the cases, we found gold deposits profound inside the hard rocks, making it harder to reach that deposits. In this procedure, it is important to make an open hole to dig out the material. It is likewise easy to utilize underground gold mining machines to get the gold. To mine the gold within the hard rocks is the most used method.

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