Magnetic Separators: Process, Operation & Selection

Published time:08 November 2022

The magnetic separator is a screening equipment used to remove iron powder in reusable powder granules. After the ore slurry flows into the tank body through the ore feeding box, under the action of the water flow of the ore feeding water spray pipe, the ore particles enter the ore feeding area of ​​the tank body in a loose state. Under the action of the magnetic field, the magnetic ore particles are magnetically aggregated to form a “magnetic cluster” or “magnetic chain”.  Since the polarities of the magnetic poles are alternately arranged along the rotation direction of the cylinder and are fixed during operation when the “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” rotates with the cylinder, a magnetic stirring phenomenon occurs due to the alternation of the magnetic poles and is mixed with The non-magnetic minerals such as gangue in the “magnetic group” or “magnetic chain” fall off during the turning, and the “magnetic group” or “magnetic lotus” that is finally attracted to the surface of the cylinder is the concentrate.

Magnetic separators are widely used in resource recovery, the wood industry, mining, the kiln industry, chemical, food, and other factories. It is also used for iron removal of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials, and other materials. It is one of the most widely used and highly versatile models in the industry. Now follow us to know some keys of magnetic separators.

What Are The Preparations for The Magnetic Separator Before Beneficiation?

Magnetic separator is a very common beneficiation equipment. If you want to keep up with the quality of beneficiation, then the preparation work of the magnetic separator before beneficiation must be done well. Today, let’s take a look at what to do before the magnetic separator. Preparation.

1. Crushing

The ore to be beneficiation of the magnetic separator is crushed according to the requirements, to avoid the phenomenon that the material is too large and cannot be beneficiation.

2. Mineral Distribution

The materials of the magnetic separator are not the same, and the grade of the ore is also high and low. Therefore, before the magnetic separator works, the ores should be matched in a certain proportion and mixed evenly, so that the ore can be better processed.

3. Washing

The ore with more mud is washed with water or machinery to remove the mud on the ore, which is more conducive to the magnetic separation work.

4. Screening

Screening is to separate the ore according to the powder properties such as size, specific gravity, electrification, and magnetic properties, and divide the ore material into various grades.

5. Grinding

The ore is further ground to make the particle size of the ore smaller. In the beneficiation work of the magnetic separator, the quality of the grinding product directly affects the level of the separation index.

The magnetic separator should separate minerals before beneficiation, make the particle size of the minerals smaller, make the magnetic separator work better, remove or reduce impurities and harmful substances in the ore, and obtain better working raw materials.


dry magnetic separator


How to Operate a Magnetic Separator?

As a kind of beneficiation equipment, the non-standard operation of the magnetic separator will affect its service life. The magnetic separator needs to maintain the correct operation method in the daily long-term operation:

  • Skilled operation. With the continuous discovery and technological update of science and technology, the requirements for magnetic separator operators are getting higher and higher. It is required that workers must be familiar with the operation process of the magnetic separator before doing it.
  • Check before work. Before each work of the magnetic separator, check whether the screws of the machine are loose and whether it is necessary to add lubricating oil.
  • Observation during work. When it is found that the magnetic separator has problems such as noise and motor temperature during work, it should be stopped immediately for maintenance and make records.
  • The precautions after the shutdown. It is necessary to stop feeding the magnetic separator, then flush the water tank with water, and close all water valves.


Two Main Factors Affecting Magnetic Separator Efficiency

1. Feeding particle size

The thickness of the ore particle size of the magnetic separator represents the degree of separation of the ore monomer and the degree of separation between the magnetic ore particles and the gangue particles. Generally speaking, if the feeding particle size is high, it means that the separation degree of the mineral monomer is high, so it is easy to select a satisfactory concentrate during the beneficiation. The stones are still sticking together, which will cause the concentrate to fail to meet its satisfactory requirements during beneficiation.

2. Pulp concentration

If the slurry concentration is too large, the concentrate particles are easily covered and wrapped by finer gangue particles, and it is not easy to be sorted, but if the slurry concentration is too small, the flow rate will increase, the separation time will be shortened, and losses will also be caused.


How to Improve the Recycling Capacity of Magnetic Separators?

  1. The preparation of the magnetic separator materials should be done well. After adjusting the magnetic field, magnetic declination angle, and other factors of the magnetic separator, the mineral materials should also be ground to meet the requirements, so as to better improve the recycling capacity.
  2. It is necessary to have a sufficient understanding of the magnetic separator, and the operation of the magnetic separator must be more standardized, such as feeding control, water pressure, etc., and a detailed understanding of the observation of tailings and concentrates of the magnetic separator. , once a problem is found, it should be shut down in time and the magnetic separator should be adjusted.
  3. To improve the recycling capacity of the magnetic separator, it is also necessary to maintain the magnetic separator frequently to prolong its service life of the magnetic separator.

How to Choose a Magnetic Separator?

  • Investigate the manufacturers of magnetic separators
    When purchasing a magnetic separator, it is necessary to inspect the manufacturer of the magnetic separator, for example, to understand the scale of the manufacturer, the strength of the magnetic separator manufacturer, the reputation of the magnetic separator manufacturer, and the feedback from customers who use the magnetic separator.
  • Visit the production site of the magnetic separator
    When purchasing a magnetic separator, you should also visit the production site of the magnetic separator manufacturer, see the production workshop of the magnetic separator manufacturer, and look at the production process of the magnetic separator, so that you will know more about the magnetic separator. The quality, the technical level of the manufacturer’s production, the operation proficiency of the workers of the magnetic separator manufacturer, etc.
  • Install and debug the magnetic separator and test it
    When purchasing a magnetic separator, the manufacturer of the magnetic separator should also carry out installation and debugging work, and conduct testing and testing according to the actual conditions of its own materials and working environment to ensure the normal operation of the purchased magnetic separator.

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