Mobile Crushing and Screening Equipment for Asphalt Waste Recycling

Published time:20 May 2020


Application field: crushing and screening of asphalt milling material and concrete waste material

Equipment: Mobile crushing and screening machine

Time to start production: 2018

Equipment highlights: high production efficiency, green, environmental protection

Asphalt concrete pavement will inevitably have problems such as aging and cracking after a period of use. To repair, renovate or refurbish asphalt concrete pavement, the most commonly used treatment process is to use a milling machine to mill the asphalt concrete pavement to the upper layer, and then spread new asphalt concrete to repair or improve the original road surface.

Today, advocating “green environmental protection” and “protection of primary resources” will be of great significance for the use of milled asphalt concrete waste. After crushing and sieving the waste asphalt milling material, adding regenerated asphalt reducing agent, a small amount of new aggregates and asphalt mixture for pavement paving. This not only avoids the environmental pollution problems caused by the stacking and landfilling of waste asphalt milled materials, but also greatly reduces the use of asphalt and natural aggregates.

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mobile crushing

Production process

The customer purchased a set of crawler mobile crushing and screening production line for crushing and screening of asphalt milled material. The crushing and screening production line is mainly composed of a crawler moving impact crusher and a crawler moving inclined aggregate screening machine.

The mobile crushing equipment is suitable for primary and secondary crushing of aggregate processing, solid waste processing, mining, etc. The maximum feed particle size is 450mm, and it can crush 150 tons of construction waste per hour. The wear-resistant parts used in this machine are all selected High-quality profiles, particularly good wear resistance, and at the same time install a vibrating feeder below the crushing host to assist discharge to reduce clogging. The combined belt conveyor can be lifted to assist in cleaning work. In addition, the heavy-duty vibrating feeder has a pre Screening can discharge fine materials that do not need to be crushed from the side belt conveyor, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

The waste asphalt reclaimed material is loaded through the loader to the counterattack. After the material is pre-screened by the counterattack breaking grate, the fine material is pre-screened, and the large material enters the counterattack crusher and is crushed. Below the main conveying belt of the impact crusher is equipped with a return material screening system, the oversized materials can be directly returned to the impact crusher and then crushed.

Crawler mobile inclined three-layer screening equipment has high screening efficiency and convenient operation. The four-stage conveyor belt can be adjusted in position through an innovative hydraulic control system during stacking and feeding. The materials that meet the size requirements enter the sieving machine for classification processing, and finally produce 4 standard specifications of finished materials.

mobile crushing plant

Finished product

Crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment are powered by Caterpillar diesel engines. The main core components are all selected from high-quality international brands to ensure the stability of equipment to the greatest extent. In this production line, the impact crusher adopts a heavy-duty rotor structure design, with high speed, large output and good grain shape. The sieving machine is designed with three layers of sieve boxes. The sieving area of each layer is 9㎡. The angle, amplitude and vibration intensity of the sifter box can be flexibly adjusted. The sieving area is large and the sieving accuracy is high.

The production line can produce 4 kinds of standard specifications of finished materials, which are 0-7mm, 7-15mm, 15-20mm, 20-40mm, and the hourly production capacity is 120-150 tons.


Main machine parameter

Crawler mobile impact crusher

Discharge port setting: first counterattack plate 80mm; second counterattack plate 40mm
Material return screen setting: 40mm
Engine speed: 2000rpm
Engine load: 30%
Average fuel consumption per hour: 22L / h
Service life of main wearing parts: about 300h (board hammer)

Crawler moving inclined aggregate screening machine
Screen setting: top layer 20mm, middle layer 15mm, bottom layer 7mm
Engine speed: 2200rpm
Engine load: 60%
Average fuel consumption per hour: 18L / h
Service life of main wearing parts: about 300h (screen)


In the process of asphalt pavement reconstruction or concrete pavement reconstruction, the project often leaves recycled materials. The use of waste materials and local materials have become a consensus in the industry.
The mobile crushing and screening equipment recycles the asphalt pavement recycled materials, which not only saves the transportation cost of road construction waste, but also turns the waste after treatment and classification into treasure, also improves the utilization rate of resources, beautifies the environment and reduces The destruction of construction waste to the environment has also brought good economic benefits to customers.

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