Mining Extraction Equipment VS Ore Dressing Equipment

Published time:28 March 2019

Mining Extraction Equipment VS Ore Dressing Equipment

Mining equipment refers to equipment used for mineral mining and screening operations, generally including extraction equipment and mineral dressing equipment. In addition, cranes, conveyors, ventilators and drainage machinery are also used in mining operations. Here is the comparison of mining extraction equipment and ore dressing equipment.

I. Extraction equipment/ winning equipment

  1. Coal mining machinery. After the late 1940s, coal mining from the mechanization of a single production process to the comprehensive mechanization of the whole process hammer crusher, until the 1980s, the extensive use of comprehensive mechanized coal mining, the main machinery has a drum shearer, Spiral sand washing machine manufacturers plow, curved scraper transporter, self-moving hydraulic support, bridge transfer machine and telescopic belt conveyor.
  2. Digging equipment. It can also be divided into drilling equipment for drilling holes, excavation equipment and loading and unloading equipment for excavating ore, drilling and boring equipment for patios, shafts and flats. The drilling equipment is divided into two types: rock drill and drilling rig. The drilling rig has the distinction of open pit drilling rig and underground drilling rig. Excavating equipment and loading and unloading equipment include mining front shovel excavator, front end loader, rock grabber, rock loader, loader and double Arm loaders, etc.; boring equipment includes patio rigs, shaft rigs and roadway boring machines.
  3. Oil drilling and mining machinery. Also known as oil mine machinery, including land oil drilling and mining machinery and offshore oil drilling machinery. The terrestrial oil drilling and mining machinery is divided into drilling machinery, oil recovery machinery, workover machinery and linear vibrating screen fracturing and acidification machinery that maintains high production of oil wells according to the mining process; offshore oil drilling and mining machinery is similar to terrestrial oil drilling and mining machinery, and is divided into drilling devices. And oil production system.

ore dressing equipment

2 Ore dressing equipment/ ore beneficiation equipment

There are many types of mineral processing equipment, according to the beneficiation process can be divided into the crushing machine, grinding equipment, screening equipment, classification(selection) equipment and dewatering equipment. The sorting equipment is divided into gravity beneficiation equipment, magnetic separator, flotation machine and special beneficiation equipment. According to raw materials: magnetite equipment, hematite equipment, manganese ore dressing equipment, etc. Mineral processing equipment is also used in other industrial sectors such as building materials, chemicals, glass, and ceramics.

  1. Crushing equipment: jaw crusher, hammer crusher, counter roller crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher, vertical composite crusher, counterattack high-efficiency fine crusher, Hydraulic cone crusher, etc. Among them, the mobile crushing station developed by JXSC Machine, the European version jaw crusher, deep cavity counter-breaking.
  2. Milling equipment: cement mill, coal mill, ball mill, ceramic mill, cone mill, Raymond mill, suspension roller mill, high-pressure mill, trapezoidal mill, super fine mill, coarse grinding, European mill, vertical mill, Straight through grinding, ball mill, energy-saving mill, etc. Trapezoidal grinding, ultra-fine grinding, coarse grinding, European grinding, vertical grinding, etc. are also new grinding equipment developed by JXSC Machine in recent years.
  3. Screening and grading equipment: high-frequency vibrating screen, circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen.

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