Quartz Sand Wet Grinding Ball Mill

Published time:05 December 2019

What is the quartz ball mill?

Quartz ball mill is a special type of ball mill machine series, it is named after the material quartz, but not limited to grinding quartz. It can also grind other ore similar to the physical and chemical properties of quartz, such as feldspar, sandstone, dolomite, shale.
【Discharge size】0.074-0.89mm
【Materials】Quartz, feldspar, etc.
quartz ball mill

Quartz ball mill structure

The quartz sand ball mill is mainly composed of the cylinder body, feed end, discharge end, rotary part, transmission, and lubricating part. The lining plate in the cylinder can be adjusted according to needs, and the material has silica, wear-resistant rubber.

Because the dust of quartz sand is extremely fine, if the human body inhales the dust containing quartz sand for a long time, it may suffer from silicosis. Therefore, the new quartz sand ball mill developed by JXSC uses a fully enclosed structure, which effectively avoids the harm caused by flying dust to humans and improves the working environment.

How does quartz ball mill work?

Same as the other ball mills, the quartz grinding is by the collision and impact of the grinding balls on quartz stone.
ball mill operation

Quartz ball mill advantages

1. The quartz ball mill uses a grooved ring-shaped lining plate, which increases the contact surface of grinding balls and ore, strengthens the grinding effect, reduces energy consumption.

2. The tapered design at the discharge end not only increases the volume, but also forces the quartz material and steel balls at the cone end to be classified. The closer to the exit, the smaller the diameter of the ball, the greater the grinding effect.

3. The barrel of the quartz ball mill is made of high-quality materials, which has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance and high wear resistance.

4. The inlet and outlet of the machine are equipped with dust suction equipment, and compressed air is used to blow impurities inside the motor to reduce the amount of dust and working environment.

Quartz ball mill manufacturer

JXSC ball mill equipment has complete models and specifications, which can meet the production needs of different users. JXSC is a large-scale mining machine manufacturer, contact us for the first-hand factory price.

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