Slow and Uneven Discharge of Dewatering Screen

Published time:23 August 2021

Dewatering screen is an economical and applicable dehydration equipment. It has the advantages of low investment cost, good dehydration and screening effect, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. It is widely used for dehydration and screening of dry and wet materials in sand making, salt making, sugar making, coal preparation, beneficiation and other industries. During the use of dewatering screen, it is inevitable to encounter some problems, such as material deviation, slow discharge, etc. What should users do at this time? Here are the reasons and solutions for the popularity of dehydration screen manufacturers for you.


How to Ensure Uniform Discharge of Materials on The Dewatering Screen?

  1. Influence of support spring on vibrating screening: If the stiffness of the support spring of the vibrating screen is inconsistent during screening, it will lead to the imbalance of the support of the screen machine. This requires the user to check before startup to ensure that each position is consistent before starting the equipment;
  2. Poor rigidity of screen frame: The screen frame needs to be compressed during installation. Uneven stress or poor stiffness of the screen frame during screening will lead to material deviation. The motion of the screen body is torsional rather than translational. The dewatering screen with strong rigidity shall be selected for production during screening.
  3. The excitation force on both sides of the screen is uneven, resulting in different amplitudes on both sides: In view of this situation, it is necessary to timely adjust the eccentric block of the vibration motor to make the motor amplitude the same.
  4. Uneven feeding on the production site: In the use of dehydration screen, ensure uniform feeding, so as to effectively avoid the faults in the production and use of dehydration screen.



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Slow Discharge of Dewatering Screen

If the high-frequency dewatering screen is used for a long time, there will be large and small situations, such as slow discharge. There are many reasons for the slow discharge of high-frequency dewatering screen. In view of this problem, we list several methods to solve this problem.


The high frequency dewatering screen can’t be started or the amplitude is too small.

If the high-frequency dewatering screen can not be started or the amplitude is too small, we should first consider whether the motor is damaged, or whether the components in the line are damaged, or whether the local voltage is insufficient at that time. If there are no problems in these three aspects, we have to check from the machinery. There is too much material accumulation on the screen surface and we should clean it up. Too much material will directly affect the amplitude of the vibrating screen. Whether the coupling bolt on the exciter falls off and whether the lubricating grease becomes thick and caked. At this time, the exciter can be cleaned and repaired. During the operation of the high-frequency dehydration screen, the position of the eccentric shaft weighting block or auxiliary eccentric block can be adjusted appropriately.


Abnormal material movement on screen surface.

The abnormal movement of materials on the screen surface may be due to the insufficient stiffness of the screen box and the existence of critical frequency, indicating that the connecting bolts have been loosened by vibration, and even to the extent of overall loosening, they need to be tightened immediately. The other is the horizontal level of the screen box is not aligned, and the fault is found from the support foot spring itself. If the spring or the pad is replaced or the support size is changed, it may also be caused by the damage of the screen surface mesh, as long as the screen mesh is replaced. If the rigidity of the screen box is insufficient all the time and the horizontal level is not aligned, the beam will be broken. If it is still running, the material activity will be abnormal. There may also be improper operation, that is, the imbalance of feed J is also one of the reasons.


During normal operation, the vibrating screen rotates slowly, the bearing is hot, and the bearing is lack of grease.

It may also be the quality problem of grease or too full. Poor quality oil makes the bearing obstruct the labyrinth seal jam, so the quality of grease is quite important. The poor screening quality is due to improper use, mesh blockage, increase of fine particles and moisture in the incoming materials, resulting in too thick material layer on the screen and uneven feeding. There are three major reasons for slow discharge. The responsibility on the machine may not be tight on both sides of the screen. If the shaft vibrates eccentrically, the belt may be weak and the belt may be too loose during belt driving.


Screen box deformation.

The screen box refers to the screen frame above the vibrating motor and below the feeding port, and is composed of the screen frame and the screen surface fixed around it. Under the normal operation of the dewatering screen, especially the large and high-frequency dewatering screen, the screen frame needs to come from the gravity of mass screening materials and the strong exciting force of the vibrating motor at the same time. If the strength is not enough, it is easy to be deformed and damaged. The strength of the screen box mainly depends on the material selection, welding process and additional stable design of the manufacturer.The center of gravity of the dewatering screen itself is unstable or the eccentric block of the motor is unbalanced.


The center of gravity of the dewatering screen itself is unstable or the eccentric block of the motor is unbalanced.

Nowadays, due to the fierce competition and over saturation of the market, the dehydration screen equipment market is prone to chaos. Some people blindly choose to recognize at a low price, which is inevitable to be exploited by some black hearted manufacturers to sell inferior imitation dewatering screens at abnormal market prices. Although the appearance is the same, there is no technical content, so they must polish their eyes when purchasing equipment, purchase equipment from regular manufacturers.


The damping spring has different materials and stiffness.

It is also a common quality problem. The damping spring is no less important to the linear dewatering screen than the vibrating motor. It plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the dewatering screen and prolonging the service life of the dewatering screen. Many manufacturers whose prices are far lower than the normal sales price rely on Jerry built parts and consumables to attract customers, some customers suffered heavy losses.


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