SPC 180×150 Lab Hammer Crusher Divider

Published time:10 June 2022

The SPC 180X150 type Lab hammer crusher divider can crush materials of different hardness. It is a one-time for crushing, screening, and dividing. It has the characteristics of excellent crushing effect, good sealing performance, nonstick and nonblocking materials, and accurate shrinkage and division. And it is widely used in crushing and sample preparation in various industries.


hammer crusher with splitter

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Feed particle size: ≤ 50mm
  2. Discharge particle size: ≤ 2-6mm
  3. Splitting ratio: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 (adjustable)
  4. Applicable moisture: ≤ 18% (total moisture)
  5. Handling capacity: 60- 200kg/h
  6. Motor power: 2.2kw
  7. Overall dimension: 800*700*1350 (mm)
  8. Weight: 200kg

Structure and Working Principle

This machine is mainly composed of the hammer crusher and shrinking mechanisms. The base connects them into a whole to complete the function of crushing and dividing.

Crusher: It is mainly composed of the fuselage, feed hopper, crushing chamber, main shaft, hammer head, hammer mandrel, hammer core splint, and other components. The motor drives the main shaft through the V-belt so that the hammerhead runs according to the adjusted trajectory, and the materials in the crushing chamber are crushed.

Subtraction mechanism: It is mainly composed of the pulley, connecting rod, eccentric wheel, subdivision device, reducer, and other components. When the motor starts, it drives the reducer to run, and then through the action of the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod, the reducer moves back and forth under the hammer outlet for sampling (1/8-1/2), and the sample is sent to the small hopper, The remaining material enters the large receiving hopper.

Operating Instructions

  1. Check that the machine and rotating parts are normal before starting;
  2. The adjustment of the discharge port should be carried out under no load;
  3. After normal operation, start feeding;
  4. Before shutting down, stop the feeding work first, and wait until the material is finished.
    It can be turned off after it is completely discharged;
  1. Adjust the reduction ratio (1/2, 1/4, 1/8) as required, and adjust the eccentric distance of the left and right positioning pin shafts and the eccentric wheel at the same reduction ratio position.
  2. Before the machine is running, all safety protection devices should be installed. When running, it is strictly forbidden to peep into the machine from above.
  3. The electrical appliances and body of this machine should be safely grounded, and the power cord should be installed in an insulating tube.

Besides the SPC 180×150 Lab Hammer Crusher Divider, we also have the other hammer crusher divider 360x250mm. The main technical parameters are as follows: 

  1. Feed particle size: ≤ 150mm
  2. Discharge particle size: ≤ 1-8mm
  3. Splitting ratio: 1/8
  4. Applicable moisture: ≤ 18% (total moisture)
  5. Handling capacity: 1000- 2000kg/h
  6. Motor power: 3kw
  7. Overall dimension: 1100*750*1450 (mm)
  8. Suitable moisture: 18%

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