How to Use Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven?

Published time:09 June 2022


The electric heating constant temperature blast drying oven is also called the electric blast drying oven, blow-dry oven, etc., It is a new type of electric heating oven. Through the high-temperature resistant ion fan, electric heat-generating device, and the uniquely designed air regulating board, natural convection hot air is formed inside the box, and the inside of the box is heated. It’s very popular with the users.


Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven

Application: Widely used in medical and health units and other laboratories for drying, baking, heat treatment, and other heating.

Working Temperature: 20℃ – 300℃.  Within this range, the working temperature can be arbitrarily selected according to work needs.

Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven


  • The temperature controller in the box is an automatic constant temperature
  • Various specifications are serialized
  • The temperature controller is sensitive to control
  • The temperature controller has high precision

Note: This blow-dry oven is not suitable for the use of volatile and explosive materials to avoid danger.


The instrument box is made of a high-quality thin steel plate. The abdominal cavity has a chamber, with two sample trays attached for holding the drying parts. Between the inner chamber and the outer shell, there is a thermal insulation layer, which is filled with aluminum silicate fiber cotton and aluminum silicate fiber felt. The thermal insulation layer plays the role of heat preservation and heat insulation. The exterior is made of an electrostatically sprayed shell, and the appearance is neat and beautiful.

Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven structure

The dry oven is equipped with a door and adopts a tempered glass door, which is convenient for observing the condition of the test product. The outer door is made of sheet steel. The outer door interlayer is equipped with aluminum silicate fiber cotton and felt, and the edge of the door is pressed with asbestos rope to be insulated to prevent the temperature from escaping.

The electric blast drying oven is heated by an electric heating wire. The electric heater is installed at the bottom of the room. The temperature controller, electrical wiring, and electric blower are all located in the space on the left side of the box. The left door can be opened and removed, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of parts.

This drying oven uses the principle of air convection to make the air in the room move by the specific gravity of hot and cold air to promote convection and open the top of the box to exhaust the wind roof so that the indoor air can be changed. 

Technical Parameters

ModelVoltage(V)Heating Furnace Wire Power(kW) 

Temperature Adjustment


Blower Motor Power(W)


Temperature Fluctuation()


Liner Size(L*W*H)(mm)Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
101-00220120-300 ±1250*250*250 
101-02201.620-300 ±1350*350*350 
202-00220120-300 ±1250*250*250 
202-02201.620-300 ±1350*350*350 
202-12202.220-300 ±1350*450*450840*540*800
202-22202.820-300 ±1450*550*550900*640*900
202-3220420-300 ±1500*600*750950*690*1100
202-4380720-300 ±1800*800*10001250*900*1350



Instructions for Use

  • Preparation Before Use

  1. Install a special knife switch in the power supply line, and use a grounding wire twice as thick as the power cord.
  2. The dry oven is grounded for the single-phase circuit shell. Before powering on, check the electrical performance and pay attention to whether there is an open circuit or leakage.
  3. The heating drying oven should be placed stably, not tilted or vibrated, so as to avoid uneven temperature in the box. The room temperature should be generally around 20°C, which is not easily affected by the external temperature.
  4. Before use, the dry oven should be dried once, connected to the power supply, and the temperature in the box will rise to about 100 ℃ for three hours. During the heating and heat preservation process, the door can be properly opened several times, so that the moisture in the box can be discharged and opened. Allow the door to cool to room temperature before use.


Electric Heating Constant Temperature Blast Drying Oven


  • How to Use

  1. Open the exhaust valve on the rear side of the dry oven, close the door, turn on the power, press the power switch, and set the temperature according to the instruction manual of the instrument.
  2. When the temperature rises to the required temperature, the red indicator light on the controller lights up and the yellow indicator light goes out, indicating that the heater has stopped working.
  3. When the constant temperature starts, the temperature may continue to rise. This is due to the influence of residual heat. It will gradually stabilize in about 1 hour. After the temperature is constant, it can be kept constant for a certain period of time according to the needs of the test. The instrument automatically controls the temperature, no manual management is required.


Maintenance and Repair

  1. This box is a non-explosion-proof drying box. Do not put volatile items into the box to avoid danger.
  2. The average load of the sample partition (barbed wire) is 15 kg, and the baking parts should not be overloaded.
  3. Do not arbitrarily remove the side door to disturb or change the line, and only remove the side door when a fault occurs. Check one by one according to the circuit diagram. When the temperature controller fails, refer to the manual temperature controller for maintenance. If the user cannot solve the fault, please contact our factory.
  4. If the temperature probe of the temperature controller extends into the inner room, it can be directly mailed to the factory for replacement if it is damaged in use.
  5. After each use, the power supply should be turned off and kept clean to prevent corrosion.


Wiring Diagram

Dry oven Wiring Diagram

 Packing List

1DocumentUser’s manualPCs1Comes with an instruction manual for the temperature controller
2DocumentPacking ListPCs1 
4AccessoriesSample separatorBlock2 


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