Why is the Gravel Aggregate Production Line Rarely Used the Hammer Crusher

Published time:11 November 2020

Nowadays, in the gravel aggregate industry, such as artificial sand making, gravel sand making. The hammer crushers are getting more and more rarely seen in this industry, though the price of hammering is cheap, and the process is simple (no need to increase storage and feeding equipment).

Of course, there are some exceptions, affected by process and cost, many small production lines in the past would consider hammering to make sand.

So what’s the disadvantage or shortages of a hammer crusher in gravel aggregate processing? To put it simply, the sand and gravel aggregate line doesn’t use the hammer crushers to broken rock materials are for this two main reasons:

1. The Discharging Grain is Not Good
Although the process of hammer crushing sand is simple, the yield is low, it is easy to be crushed, and there are many powdery materials. In addition, the finished aggregate will have microcracks and low compressive strength, which affects the quality of the aggregate and also affects sales. Hammer crushing is mainly used for crushing.
Among the main sand making equipment on the market, the shape of the finished product after the vertical shaft impact crusher is better, and it can be used to produce Class I sand. Friends who have high requirements for particle size can consider adding a plastic machine.

2. Serious Loss
Hammer crushing is suitable for processing medium and soft ore, such as limestone, coal gangue, dolomite, shale, etc. It cannot handle materials with high hardness, otherwise the hammer will wear quickly, the replacement frequency is high, and the increase in cost will also delay production.
A friend said that he would use a hammer to break granite, and he would change the hammer head in two or three days. Only replacing the hammer head cost thousands. Another friend broke the quartz sand. The cost of the equipment just installed was not small, but due to the grain size If it is not good and the loss is serious, it must be reconsidered to replace the shock break.

Also we should note that is: the hammer breaking we are talking about here is more the traditional ordinary hammer breaking. If you say that the current new type of hammer breaking is not as mentioned above, the price will certainly not be as cheap as the ordinary hammer breaking. This article once again explains the pros and cons of hammer-breaking sand making. On the one hand, the previous introduction may be earlier, and many users will not see it, so they will ask again. On the other hand, it is for those who are hesitant to get the sand making equipment to answer their doubts and prevent the reasons. Mischoosing without understanding causes many troubles in later production.

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