Vibration sluice box

Vibration sluice box

【Feeding size】 : 20mm

【Capacity】 : 20-30 m3/h

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【Application】 : It is mainly used for the alluvial gold recovery. Very good for the fine gold and sheet gold , and has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, less failure, low energy consumption, water consumption is small, effective equipment sand gold panning.

【Working principle】 : Vibration sluice box recovery gold is to use the difference weight between the gold and sand. The slurry flows through the chute, the weight gold is deposited on the bottom floor. The sand and small weight material will floats on the upper and flow out. Older chute use by sluice mat to recovery gold, the chute hardening, sedimentation tank and other phenomena, Sluice mat recovery gold rate about 30%, these shortcomings, vibration chute box targeted to overcome its bottom plate made of rubber sheet, using mechanical agitation plate, the bottom plate slow agitation, overcome sediment compaction, periodic agitation, complete the stratification and sediment, so that the recovery rate increased to about 90%.

Vibration sluice box

Product Structure

Vibration sluice box, Pulsating sluice box, Sluice box, Gold vibration sluice box, Gold sluice box

Technical Parameters

ModelSizeFeed ConcentrationCapacityWaterFeed particle sizeFrequencyPower

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