Automatic Distillation Tester For Petroleum Products

Automatic Distillation Tester For Petroleum Products

【Power Supply Voltage】 220V 50Hz
【Measuring Range】 0 to 400 ℃
【Scope of Application】It is applicable to the distillation of petroleum products

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The distillation tester is applicable to the distillation determination of vehicle gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, a solvent with special boiling point, naphtha, kerosene, diesel, distillate fuel, and similar petroleum products.

The petroleum distillation tester is a new intelligent distillation treatment device integrating constant temperature heating, automatic control of distillation endpoint, and cooling water circulation according to the operating procedures of laboratory distillation pretreatment. The instrument has the functions of precise temperature control, automatic anti-back suction, uniform heating, anti-explosion and boiling, intelligent end-point control, and so on. Easy to use, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It is widely used in places where distillation treatment is needed in various chemical laboratories such as environmental protection, disease control, aquatic products, water supply and drainage, universities, scientific research institutes, factories, and mining enterprises, such as distillation treatment of volatile phenol, ammonia nitrogen, moisture in Kjeldahl nitrogen oil and so on.


  1. It adopts an embedded computer, industrial computer, 12.1-inch large screen LCD touch screen, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, and convenient test operation.
  2. Using a single-chip microcomputer and intelligent control, the heating and cooling of the distillation test process, distillate liquid level tracking, distillation rate control, recovered liquid volume control, temperature recording, test result printing, etc. are all completed automatically.
  3. The three curves of steam temperature, heater temperature, and distillation rate in the whole process of the test can be displayed in real-time to judge whether the relevant indexes meet the requirements of the test standard in real-time.
  4. The key components and devices such as compressor, temperature detection sensor, and automatic high fine step-by-step liquid level tracking system are adopted, and the test results are accurate, reliable, and reproducible.
  5. The distillation program with applicable requirements can be added according to the needs of users and test oil samples and can be called at any time.
  6. It has the function of automatic detection of atmospheric pressure, automatically completes the correction of atmospheric pressure, and the test results are not affected by atmospheric changes.
  7. After the test, the evaporation temperature can be calculated automatically by inputting the residue.
  8. The cold bath is filled with antifreeze, built-in circulating mixing, equipped with a liquid level sensor and overflow pipe to keep the water level in the bath normal.
  9. Equipped with a flame detector, with automatic fire extinguishing function to protect the instrument.
Automatic Distillation Tester For Petroleum Products

Product Structure

The automatic distillation tester adopts stainless steel frosted plate, which has a beautiful shape, anti-corrosion, and durability. The petroleum distillation tester is composed of the Test Bomb part, bath, and control part. The test bomb is made of stainless steel.

The petroleum distillation tester has the following characteristics:
1. The whole instrument is made of stainless steel frosted plate.
2. PLC industrial control computer as the core unit, color LCD display.
3. Integrated design, easy to operate and observe.

Technical Features of The Distillation Tester
1. Degree of automation: Industrial arm32-bit chip core processor, which automatically completes the test process. The data can be exported through a USB flash disk and processed by a computer to realize environmental protection office and paperless detection.
2. Control system: industrial PLC programmable logic controller is adopted, which is treated with three anti-paint to make the instrument safe. The 7-inch touch screen can complete the test according to the screen prompt without training.
3. Operating system: WindowsCE embedded operating system, all Chinese operation interface, arbitrary page switching, simple and convenient operation, automatic printing results, super large capacity storage function, which can store tens of thousands of data and curves.
4. Safety performance: automatic diagnosis, overtemperature alarm, an automatic cut-off of heater power supply, test completion of alarm prompt function.
5. Data input / output: RS485 connection standard, can be connected to USB2 0 interface. Support online monitoring and downloading, which is more convenient to use.

Technical Parameters

Power SupplyAC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
Distillation Heater1000W, 24V
Use EnvironmentAmbient Temperature (10~35)℃; Relative Humidity≤80%;
Temperature Range  0 ~ 400 °℃
Cold Bath / Receiving Room Temperature Control Range0 ~ 60 ° C
Control Accuracy± 0.1 ℃
Volume Measurement Range0~100mL
Volume Measurement Accuracy≤0.1mL
Distillation Rate4 ~ 5ml / min


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