Digital Rock Point Load Tester

Digital Rock Point Load Tester

【Power】 Electronic
【Load Capacity】 0~100KN
【Application】 It can be used for rock mechanical property tests in the coal mine, geology, hydraulic engineering, transportation, construction, and other projects.

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Rock point load tester is a kind of testing instrument used for rock point load test and measuring rock point load strength index. According to the point load strength index of the rock, the uniaxial compressive strength of the rock can be calculated and determined, the anisotropy of the rock can be determined (i.e. the ratio of the large value to the small value of the load strength at different points), the weathering zone can be determined, the drilling speed can be estimated, the rock can be graded, etc.

The portable point load tester is an instrument that can easily and quickly measure the tensile and compressive strength of rock. Due to the loading of the top and fragments, the pressure of rock failure is lower than that of the conventional press. Moreover, the sample does not need to be processed into regular samples, which is suitable for on-site measurement and is convenient for the measurement of low-strength rocks. This is a simple scientific testing tool with the advantages of convenience, economy, and rapidity. It can be used for rock mechanical property tests in the coal mine, geology, hydraulic engineering, transportation, construction, and other projects.

【Product Features】

  1. It is used to determine the strength values of a rock specimen both in the field and in the laboratory.
  2. Convenient, economical & simple test tool.
Digital Rock Point Load Tester

Product Structure

The digital rock point load tester consists of a load frame for applying loads, on which a manual hydraulic jack is mounted.

Structure and Characteristics
1. Horizontal structure is adopted, which is convenient to apply force and has good stability.
2. The reaction frame adopts a cylindrical structure, which is good at neutrality, non-eccentric, firm, and compact in structure, and can meet the test requirements of high-strength and large rock core samples.
3. The jack is installed on the cylindrical shell and processed with high-strength materials, with compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, lightweight and convenient carrying.
4. The loading cone is made of cemented carbide material with high strength and durability.
5. The strain sensor and liquid crystal display instrument are used to form an independent electronic force measuring system, which has the characteristics of high resolution, high test accuracy, and convenient reading.
6. It is powered by a 9V block battery, which is convenient for field use.

Instructions for Use
1. Prepare test samples according to the requirements of rock test procedures.
2. Check whether the pressure between the jack and the unloading frame is stable and whether the pressure between the jack and the ball socket is normal.
3. Adjust the middle screw of the jack according to the height of the sample, make the bottom plate of the lower indenter rise (or fall) to an appropriate height, and tighten the screw at the bottom of the jack with the jack pressurizing rod.
4. Place the sample between the upper and lower indenters, select the position of the pressure point, and load the jack at the same time to make the sample full contact with the indenter.
5. Load the jack according to the speed at which the sample is cut in 10-20 seconds until the sample is damaged.
6. The vertical displacement scale on the pull rod can read the change of vertical displacement before and after the test.
7. See corresponding test procedures for specific test requirements and calculations.
8. At the end of the test, loosen the screw at the bottom of the jack (with the force adding rod) and press the upper end of the jackscrew by hand to reset the jack. Clear the gravel between the upper and lower pressure plates and prepare for the next test.
9. The test pressure value is directly displayed on the LCD screen.

Technical Parameters

Jack Pressure50Mpa100Mpa
Force Transducer Range5T10T
Accuracy of Pressure Transmitter0.001KN0.001KN
Piston Diameter32mm36mm
Piston Area9.62cm210.17cm2
Power Supply220V ± 10%,  50Hz
Reading ModeLiquid crystal display
Electronic Peak Memory Force Measurement Error1% F.S
Operating Temperature– 20-45℃


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