Laboratory Flotation Column

Laboratory Flotation Column

【Capacity】2.5-140 Kg/H

【Feed Concentration】10%-30%

【Feed Size】-200 mesh more than 70%


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The SYF experimental flotation column has achieved excellent results in the laboratory flotation test and industrial split test. The microbubble generator of the new practical flotation column is made of unique materials. It can generate a large number of fine and uniform air bubbles to ensure a stable flotation process and good flotation indicators. The automatic control system adjusts the liquid level, which has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate, reducing the difficulty of the flotation column operation.


  • Fast grade-lifting
  • Good flotation index
  • High automation degree
Laboratory Flotation Column

Product Structure

【The flotation column structure】

  • Column φ100*2000 mm with a wall thickness of 6 mm
  • Spray gun/sparger Micro-bubble generator with a working pressure of 0.3Mpa-0.5Mpa
  • Air sparger fasterner
  • Feed system buffered device, ore feeder, feed pump
  • Liquid level detection system pressure sensor
  • Tailing control system tailing pump
  • Automation system PLC control system, control cabinet, touchscreen
  • Water supply system control valve, washing device, froth washing device

This laboratory column flotation cell has a built-in process control LCD touchscreen Siemens and three pumps: a feed pump, tailing pump, and air compressor.
The onboard computer controls the slurry feed rate, tailing pump, froth depth, airflow, and wash water flow.

Technical Parameters

ModelMain Technical Parameters
Effective Volume(L)Capacity(Kg/H)Feed Concentration(%)Feed SizePower(W)
SYF-503.92.5-810-30-200 mesh more than 70%300


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