40-50TPH Coal Washing Plant

Published time:02 December 2021

Coal Washing

Through the impact of water flow, the raw coal with different components and different specific gravity is divided into different grades, and the dust and waste rock is removed to reduce the content of ash and sulfur, which is called coal washing.

Coal washing is an indispensable process of coal deep processing. The coal directly mined from the mine is called raw coal. The raw coal is mixed with many impurities in the mining process, and the coal quality is also different. The coal with small internal ash content and large internal ash content are mixed together. Coal washing is an industrial process to eliminate impurities in raw coal or classify high-quality coal and low-quality coal.

The products produced after the coal washing process are generally divided into gangue, medium coal, class B cleaned coal, and class cleaned coal. The finished coal after the coal washing process is usually called cleaned coal. Through coal washing, the coal transportation cost can be reduced and the utilization rate of coal can be improved. Cleaned coal is generally used as fuel energy. The cleaned coal of bituminous coal is generally mainly used for coking, which needs to remove sulfur, impurities, and other industrial processes, to meet the standards for coking.

Coal Washing Plant


40-50TPH Coal Washing Plant


Raw Material: Coal Ore Contain Clay
Capacity: 40-50TPH
Feed size: 0-150mm
Customer’s Requirements: 1. Washing; 2. Screen for 3 outputs; 3. Rotary dryer for drying coal.
Screen output: Above 50mm, 20-50mm, and below 20mm.

Flow Chart


40-50tph coal washing plant


Equipment Used in This Coal Washing Plant

  1. Trommel Scrubber
  2. Dewatering Screen
  3. Rotary Dryer
  4. Belt Conveyor

Flowchart Description

  1. Excavator or loader feed raw materials to the hopper of trommel scrubber, here trommel scrubber with 2 layers screen at the end. After washing off clay, screen three outputs: above 50mm,20-50mm, and below 20mm. Above 50mm and 20-50mm outputs are transported to other places by belt conveyors.
  2. Below 20mm auto flow to dewatering screen. Here put dewatering screen lower level than trommel scrubber, so that 0-20mm slurry can flow to dewatering screen by height difference.
  3. Over screen materials of dewatering screen are sent to the rotary dryer for drying coal by belt conveyor.
  4. The finished product after drying is transported by a belt conveyor.


FAQs From This Coal Washing Plant Customer

Q: How many days for you to produce?
About 25-30 days.


Q: Anyway, is your company status is factory or trader?
A: Factory.


Q: Scrubber length 4000mm is fine, but can you make the screen the same length as well?
A: About the screen length, With our professional knowledge, don’t need to make a 4000mm screen length. Our biggest model JXSC2400 Trommel also matched 2000mm screen length.2000mm screen length is enough. No need for 4000mm in length. 2000mm screen to match 4000mm scrubber is the best.

trommel scrubber


Q: And from the screen,2 outputs will be from the front, how about the 3rd output? Cause besides this machine I need to add another conveyor here?
A: One output from the front, one output from the side, another output from the bottom.


Q: Refers to your 3D video of trommel scrubber, can you adjust/modify the out of the water come out, instead of side out, move into down, cause the size of below 20mm will be about 60-70% from the total material, and I need to put at least 80cm wide of conveyor, otherwise the production will be slow.
A: 0-20mm output comes from the bottom of the trommel scrubber, it is with much water, so it cant be directly transported by belt conveyor.


Q: Do you have a rotary dryer machine for coal as well? I need a rotary dryer machine as well, to dry coal get the wet cause of rain.
Moisture before 60%;
Target moisture 20% after treatment;
Cap 30-40tph;
Raw material size 0-150mm.
I will use 2 sources: one direct from raw material, and the other one is from trommel.

A: About the rotary dryer, it is not suitable for 0-150mm raw materials.
About the out of 0-20mm from trommel scrubber, it can’t be transported by belt conveyor because it is wet with water.
I suggest you add one dewatering screen for 0-20mm output. After dewatering, 0-20mm output can be transported by belt conveyor. (The above shows you the picture of our dewatering screen.)

Put dewatering screen lower place than trommel scrubber, so that its under-screen 0-20mm output can auto flow into dewatering screen for dehydration. Over screen of dewatering screen is dry coal which can be transported to other places by belt conveyor.

Your three outputs from our trommel scrubber
First output:0-20mm which comes out from the bottom of the under-screen, it is wet with water.
Second output:20-50mm which come out from side out, it is without water, just a bit moisture.
Third output: 50-150mm output which comes from the front out, it is without water.
Only 0-20mm output with water, which needs to be sent to dewatering screen for dehydration. After dehydration by the dewatering screen, then sent to the rotary dryer for drying coal.

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