Chinese STL Centrifugal Concentrators

Published time:04 September 2020

Changchun Gold Research Institute, as the only domestic scientific research institution engaged in theoretical research on gold mines, has developed and produced the STL series centrifugal concentrator, which is a centrifugal gravity beneficiation equipment for mineral separation in the gold industry.

Falcon VS Knelson Concentrator
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The practice of placer gold beneficiation and vein ore beneficiation in gold mines for many years has proved that it is extremely effective in beneficiating single gold in vein gold ore. In addition, it can also recover heavy metals such as gold, tungsten and tin in other metals, and the recovery rate is high.
From 1988 to 1993, STLI9 for laboratory use, STL30 and STL60 for industrial production were successively developed. From 1993 to 1995, the laboratory to industrial production applications were completed successively, and satisfactory results were achieved through practice.
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STL VS Knelson centrifugal concentrator

The domestic equipment STL centrifugal concentrator is quite different from the Knelson centrifugal concentrator.

EquipmentKnelsonSTL (Intermittent)
Feed time
Vein 1~4, placer 4~12——0.5~21.08
Sorting mineralsRecycling of precious metals with a concentrate yield of less than 0.1%, including gold, silver and platinum group metals.The production rate of concentrate is 0-50%, and the production rate is greater than 0.5%. The minerals with larger proportions include tungsten ore, cassiterite, butetite, chromite, ilmenite, rutile, iron oxide minerals and gold and silver sulfide, etc.Single gold, calcium, tin and other heavy metals in gold mines and other metals.
Feed size
0-60 -1.7-2.5 to 6
Recycling size
+38 is extremely easy to recycle, 10 to 38 is recyclable, and -10 is difficult to recycle.40~74
Recovery rateThe average is 31.76%, and the maximum gravity separation is 85%-94%.Placer gold 93%, vein gold 97%

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