Falcon VS Knelson Concentrator

Published time:04 September 2020

Centrifugal concentrators widely used in metal mines at home and abroad generally have horizontal and vertical types. The disadvantage of both types of centrifugal concentrators is that they can only produce intermittently, which reduces the efficiency of mineral processing. Some companies have designed a composite vertical centrifugal concentrator to meet the requirements of large-scale, automatic and continuous beneficiation work. Among them, the mature technology Falcon centrifugal concentrator and Knelson concentrator occupy the main market.

Chinese STL Centrifugal Concentrators VS Knelson concentrator
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Falcon Centrifugal Concentrator

Falcon Concentrators
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The Falcon centrifugal concentrator manufactured by Falcon Concentrator is a kind of high-efficiency centrifugal separation and beneficiation equipment selected by metal mines for mineral separation using centrifugal gravity beneficiation technology. It is suitable for gold, silver and platinum group and other valuable metals from the particle size It can be recovered from fine metal ore or other solid materials with finer particle size; it can also be used to sort fine raw coal. The centrifugal separation effect when sorting fine coal with higher sulfur content is far more prominent than that of conventional flotation.


The high-power “enhanced gravity” feature produced by the Falcon centrifugal concentrator realizes the rapid separation and stratification of fine mineral particles of different density levels, which reduces the lower limit of traditional gravity separation in a large range, and can effectively and quickly process fine-grained minerals Particles. Due to the high degree of automation, the operation is simple and fast. It has the advantages of large sorting range, large processing capacity, short sorting cycle, low water consumption, low personnel input, low investment cost and operating cost, making it available in various fields worldwide Extensive user approval and production applications.


At present, Falcon has FALCON SB series, FALCONC series and FALCONUF series, which are respectively suitable for the separation and production of gold, tantalum-niobium and tungsten ore.

★Product structure

The core component of the Falcon SB series centrifugal concentrator is the drum enrichment cone of the sorting mechanism, which is mainly a vertical wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant plastic inner drum. The smooth inner wall of the lower part is an inverted hollow cone. There are a number of concave-convex ring grooves distributed on the inner wall of the rotary drum, and the bottom of the ring groove is evenly arranged with backwash water holes, so that the backwash water can enter the loose bed in the concave-convex ring groove through the backwash water holes during the sorting process. Realize the separation and classification of minerals under the combined action of centrifugal force and recoil water.

Knelson concentrator

Knelson Concentrator
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Knelson Concentrators is a centrifugal reselection equipment developed and produced by Canada Knelson Reselection Solutions Company. As early as 1978, the product began to be commercially used. After continuous development and improvement, it has now formed two categories of intermittent and continuous types. There are more than 20 specifications and models of series products. The single processing capacity is from the minimum 0.9 tons/hour to the maximum. Up to 650 tons/hour, it meets the capacity requirements of various production scales from laboratory beneficiation experiments, semi-industrial production to industrial production. Up to now, Knelson centrifugal concentrators have accumulated more than 3,500 installations, and they have been successfully applied in more than 70 countries around the world.


Knelson centrifugal concentrator is designed and developed into two types of products: discontinuous discharge type and continuous variable discharge type. These two types of products are selected according to the yield of concentrates after separation. Different products are selected for different concentrate yields. The yield of concentrates is usually 0.1% as the dividing line. The yield of concentrates below the dividing line is less than 0.1%. Consider using intermittent rows. The ore type, and the continuously variable discharge type can be used when the concentrate yield above the boundary is greater than 0.1%.

★Highlight and product structure

The core component of the Knelson centrifugal concentrator is the drum enrichment cone of the sorting mechanism, which is a vertical concentric double-walled cone rotating at the same speed with backwashing water holes on the inner wall, and the discharge port is set at the bottom center of the inner cone , Under the action of recoil water, it can automatically discharge ore. A recoil water storage cavity is formed between the outer cone and the inner cone of the double-walled cone. According to different models and different processing capacities, the inner side of the inner cone is provided with different numbers of continuous and equal-spaced and equal-depth concave-convex trapezoidal grooves. The bottom of the grooves has backwash water holes designed and arranged according to a certain size and quantity requirements. The structure of the Knelson centrifugal concentrator also includes the slurry supply part, the tailings discharge device, the backwash water filtration and supply device, the drive transmission system, the automatic control system and the vibration damping frame support structure.

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