EPC – The Inevitable Trend of Mineral Processing Industry

Published time:09 May 2020

Nowadays, many industries around the world have begun to adopt the EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) mode, such as real estate, manufacturing, energy, transportation, industry, telecommunications, etc. In the mining industry, the development of EPC is also an inevitable trend. For those mining professionals who lack professional knowledge, technicals, equipment and construction teams, the EPC undoubtedly brings hope to their careers.

This article is going to answer these questions: what is EPC, and its advantages, disadvantages, and successful domestic EPC cases.

What is EPC?

That is, Party B is entrusted by Party A to implement the whole process or several stages of contracting for the design, procurement, construction, and trial operation of engineering construction projects in accordance with the contract. Usually, Party B is responsible for the quality, safety, cost, and progress of the contracted projects under the conditions of the total price contract.

In the EPC model, Engineering not only includes specific design work, but also may include overall planning of the entire construction project content, as well as planning and specific work of the entire construction project implementation organization and management; Procurement is not a general purchase of construction equipment materials More refers to the purchase of professional equipment and materials; Construction should be translated as “construction”, which includes construction, installation, commissioning, technical training, etc.


EPC System

Guided by customer needs and based on on-site investigation, formulate practical and applicable project plans, which run through project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service, quality miles and other links.

Project design: the process design plan is designed by a team of professional engineers

Equipment supply: excellent manufacturing standards and processing technology, reliable equipment quality

Project construction: designing on-site foundation drawings and on-site guiding foundation construction

Installation and commissioning: process-oriented, institutionalized, professional, time-saving, and follow-up

Staff training: experienced engineers provide professional technical training

After-sales service: intimate service team, quick response service mechanism.

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