Gold Dredger for Alluvial Gold Processing

Published time:30 June 2020

Gold mining ship, also known as gold dredger, is a ship for washing and selecting alluvial gold in the shallow sea of the river. It is a kind of aquatic combined gold plant integrating mining and beneficiation operations, and is the main placer gold mining equipment.
The gold dredger includes several basic systems such as excavation, ore dressing, water supplying, waste or tailings discharge, frame support, power and so on.
gold dredge

Gold Dredge Process Flow

The mineral material is fed by the excavator to the feeder, and then fed by the feeder to the flushing tank evenly. The materials after cleaning off the dirt and debris enter the vibrating screen.

Materials below 0.6cm enter the automatic washing machine; 0.6-1cm mineral materials are cleaned in the grading sieve and then enter the large particle gold equipment to select large particles; mineral materials above 1cm are washed and discharged.

Mineral materials under 0.6cm enter the automatic washing machine, and the mud water and light sand are removed by the automatic washing machine. The heavy minerals are brought to the gold selection machine for the final selection by the automatic washing machine.

Main parts of gold dredger

1. Excavation system: composed of bucket chain, main drive, bucket frame, etc. It is mainly used to complete the excavation of topsoil and ore sand.
2. Mineral processing equipment: It is composed of cylindrical screen, gold-selective spiral chute, coarse separation equipment and selection equipment. It is used to complete ore washing, crushing, screening, rough separation and selection operations.
3. Tailings discharge system: It is composed of belt conveyor and sand pump, etc. It is used to transport and abandon gravel and tailings.
4. Water supply and medium ore conveying system: It is composed of water pump, sand pump, water pipe, sand pump pipe system, etc. It is used for water supply and medium ore slurry transportation.
5. Winch system: It is composed of bucket hoist winch, first rope winch, anchor winch, lateral moving winch and landing bridge winch, etc. It is used for ship entry, shunting, mooring, ship’s lateral movement and bucket frame, pile Lifting of columns, landing bridges, etc.
6. Lifting equipment: It is composed of bow crane, main drive room crane and other lifting equipment, which is used to complete various lifting work.
7. Hull and hull facilities: It is composed of flat-bottomed ships and various hull facilities. It is used to install various equipment and structures of gold mining ships, so that the gold mining ships can float on the water smoothly.
8. Upper steel structure: It is composed of main truss, front mast, rear mast, control room, office, factory building, stair walk and landing bridge, etc. It is used to support and arrange various facilities and equipment to ensure Gold ship is easy to operate, safe and reliable during operation.
9. Pile column setting: It is composed of pile columns, buffer devices, pulleys, etc. It is used for hull positioning and stepping when gold mining ships are mining gold.
10. Pressure system: It is composed of air compressor, air storage tank, pneumatic components and pipelines, etc. It is used to provide pressure energy for the air brake of equipment such as bucket elevator, anchor lifter and so on.
11. Power supply and electrical control system: It is composed of power supply, electrical towing, electrical control and lighting, etc. It is used to drive and control various electrical equipment and lighting of the gold mining ship.

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