Graphite Ore Process Production Line

Published time:16 June 2023

Graphite ore is divided into earthy graphite ore and flake graphite oreEarthy graphite is also called aphanitic graphite ore. The graphite crystals of this ore are small. The surface is earthy and dull. The industrial performance is not so good. However, the raw ore grade of this graphite ore is high(generally 60% to 80%), but its flotation-ability is poor. And the grade will not be significantly improved after flotation. Therefore, the raw ore with a less than 65% grade is generally not mined. The grades between 65% and 80% can be used after sorting. The characteristic of scaly graphite ore is that the graphite is in the shape of scales or leaves, the raw ore grade is not high(generally 3% to 5%), and the highest is not more than 20% to 25%. This type of graphite has good flotation-ability, and after flotation, the grade can reach more than 90%, so the raw ore grade can be mined at 2% to 3%. Flake graphite has excellent properties and can generally be used to manufacture high-grade carbon products. Therefore, for different graphite ores, we should not only look at the original ore’s grade but also find its type and decide whether to use the flotation method.


Graphite Ore Beneficiation Production Line

The beneficiation production line of amorphous graphite ore generally adopts coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, grinding, flotation, dehydration, drying, and other processes. 

  • Coarse crushing: The primary crushing of graphite ore beneficiation equipment mainly adopts a jaw crusher.
  • Medium and fine crushing: Medium and fine crushing mostly use hydraulic cone crushers and hammer crushers.
  • Grinding: Grinding ball mills and other grinding equipment are used in the grinding operation of graphite ore beneficiation equipment.
  • Flotation: SF-type flotation machines and XJK-type flotation machines are mostly used in the flotation process of graphite ore dressing equipment.
  • Dehydration: The dehydration of graphite ore beneficiation equipment primarily uses dehydration screens, various centrifugal dehydrators, and filters.
  • Classification: The classification of graphite ore beneficiation equipment mainly adopts a spiral classifier, which can effectively classify graphite.
  • Drying: Graphite ore beneficiation equipment is mostly dried by dryers.


Crystal Graphite Ore Beneficiation Production Line

Because the hardness of graphite ore is generally medium-hard or medium-hard to soft, and the grade is generally between 2% and 10%, the crushing process is relatively simple, usually using a three-stage open circuit, two-stage open circuit, or one-stage crushing process. Small and medium-sized mines process weathered mines and send them directly to ball mills without crushing. The flotation process of the graphite ore beneficiation production line generally adopts a closed-circuit process of multi-stage grinding, multi-stage beneficiation, and sequential (or concentrated) return of middle ore. Multiple processes come in three forms: concentrate regrinding, middling ore regrinding, and tailings regrinding. Crystal graphite mainly adopts the concentrate regrinding process, and the recovery rate of general mineral processing operations can reach about 80%. Some mines have also tried the medium ore regrinding process, but the effect is not obvious. Some small factories also adopt open or semi-open flotation processes because there are too many waste tailings points. The beneficiation recovery rate is very low, generally only 40% to 50%.


Cryptocrystalline Graphite Ore Beneficiation Production Line

The grade of aphanitic graphite ore is high, but sorting is complex. The beneficiation methods of graphite ore production lines include flotation, electric separation, gravity separation, etc. Graphite ore production line flotation is the most widely used method.

Scale graphite has good flotation performance. Therefore, the most used process of graphite ore separation is flotation. Kerosene or diesel oil is generally used as a collector in China when using a flotation agent. No. 2 oil or new flotation oil As a foaming agent, after years of production practice, No. 4 oil is considered an ideal foaming agent for graphite ore production lines. In foreign countries, in addition to the above-mentioned drugs, there are other drugs, such as heavy oil, petroleum, phenols, sulfonic acid esters or sulfuric acid esters, and carboxylic acid esters. Sometimes several medicines are used in combination.


Graphite ore flotation plant


Features of Graphite Ore Beneficiation Production Line

  1. Graphite ore beneficiation equipment is equipped with high-end equipment compact and reasonable layout, and the total land occupation is extremely small, greatly saving civil construction investment.
  2. The graphite ore production line has a high degree of automation. People can use the computer to control it remotely, and the investment cost in human and material resources is low.
  3. The operation is safer and more stable, and the failure rate is ultra-low, which can save a lot of maintenance costs, no dust and noise, and no environmental damage.
  4. The grade of the obtained concentrate is increased by ten percentage points, which greatly improves the industrial value of the graphite mineral material, and the total recovery rate is significantly improved.


Graphite Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Generally speaking, jaw crushers are mainly used for coarse crushing of crystalline and amorphous graphite ores, and cone crushers or hammer crushers are mainly used for medium and fine crushing. Wet ball mills and grid ball mills are used. JJF type, graphite flotation commonly used XCF type, XJB type flotation machine, graphite ore beneficiation and dehydration commonly used hydrocyclone or belt filter.


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