How Much the Small Ball Mill?

Published time:05 December 2019

The output of a ball mill is generally 0.65-615 t/h. How much the small ball mill?
Ball mill widely used in cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous nonferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics and other production industries, available in dry or wet grinding.
small ball mill

Small ball mill parameter

Taking a 1 t/h small ball mill as an example, there are two models of Ф900 × 1800 and Ф900 × 3000. Their specific parameters are as follows:

Ф900 × 1800: barrel speed 36-38 r/min, ball loading capacity 1.5t, feed size ≤20mm, output size: 0.075-0.89 (200 mesh), output 0.65-2 t/h, motor power 18.5kw, total Weight 5.85t.

Ф900 × 3000: 2.7 cylinder rotating speed 36 r/min, ball load 2t, feeding granularity ≤20mm, discharging granularity: 0.075-0.89 (200 mesh), output 1.1-3.5 t/h, motor power 22kw, total weight 6.98 t.
More ball mill types and specifications.
small ball mill machine
small ball mill with dust proof

Many users will start with small devices when they enter a new field. Because they need to know the industry and market first, small devices have low output and low prices, the payback time is fast and suitable for the initial investment.

Small ball mill price

The quotations of each manufacturer of small ball mills are different. It is recommended that you check and compare when buying. If the price is very low, you must beware of poor quality and refurbished machines. Good manufacturer, well-known brand, fair price, on the basis of ensuring quality, choose more preferential prices.

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