How to Configure The Sand Making Production Line?

Published time:23 July 2021

With the decrease of natural sand, the market of machine-made sand shows great potential and vitality. Especially in recent years, the huge demand of the construction market has promoted the rapid development of the gravel market. With the improvement of infrastructure, discerning investors see business opportunities and want to set up a small and medium-sized sand production line quarry. How to configure the machine-made sand production line?


sand making


In general, small and medium-sized sand production line full set of equipment includes feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. Generally, the output is about tens of tons per hour, and the investment is not strong enough to be accepted by most individual investors.

Low investment and quick return
At the same time, we according to the past customer production experience, small and medium-sized sand production line as long as the reasonable operation of two months can be back. In addition to the equipment, we need to have site, stone, transformer, business license and other related conditions. In China, as long as the environmental protection and other conditions meet the requirements, we can apply for approval.

Small and medium sand production line project favored by the market
Considering the interests of customers, the high-efficiency impact sand making machine we produce can greatly meet the current sand making production line projects. Its advantages of high yield and high efficiency can not be achieved by other domestic brands of sand making machines. Energy saving and environmental protection make us avoid the complaints from the surrounding people in the later production process, and also save the cost of water and electricity, Profit maximization makes every customer satisfied. Investment in small and medium-sized sand production line will be the most sagacious vision of every investor in the future! 


Configuration Principle of Sand Production Line

Stone production line mainly uses a series of stone crushing equipment to crush stone, and produces artificial sand and stone such as sand and aggregate. The equipment configuration of different production lines is different. Two basic rules should be followed in the configuration:

1.Understand Material Characteristics and Requirements
Before configuring the aggregate production line, it is necessary to make clear the material properties to be treated, such as hardness, size, etc. According to the crushing materials, production requirements, and the requirements of the finished product size to consider the configuration of what kind of crusher, sand machine. The selection of crushing and sand making equipment should not only meet the output, but also consider the size of the feeding port, so as to avoid that the material can not enter.

2.Understand Your Economic Strength
The economic foundation determines the superstructure. When configuring sand and gravel production lines, we should choose different production lines according to our own investment strength. Don’t buy blindly. What suits you is the best. Users should configure it according to their actual purchasing power.


The Process Flow of Sand Making

Step 1: Feed
The stone after blasting from the mountain is sent to the vibrating feeder by dump truck.

Step2: Rough and fine
The vibrating feeder evenly sends the stone to the jaw crusher, and the jaw crusher carries out the first crushing(coarse crushing). The stone from the jaw crusher is then transported to the cone crusher or impact crusher through the belt conveyor for secondary crushing( fine crushing).

Step 3: Sand making and screening
The fine crushed materials are sent to the sand making machine by belt conveyor for fine crushing. The fine crushed materials are then separated from different sizes through vibrating screen.

The general production line can be completed by the above three steps, but for the sand with strict requirements of powder content, the fine crushing and screening can be added with a sand washing machine.


Configuration of Sand Production Line With Different Materials


1. Pebble Sand ProductionLine

Pebble Characteristics:

The main component of cobble is silica, which has the advantages of non-toxic and tasteless, strong corrosion resistance, hard quality and strong pressure resistance. It is the main material for the production of artificial sand and stone, and also a kind of green building materials.



Pebble sand production line configuration

Capacity: 50-70 T/H
Products Used: Feeder + 2 sets of fine jaw crushers + sand making machine + vibrating screen + sand washing machine + fine sand recycling machine + belt conveyor


2.Granite Sand Production Line

Granite features:

Granite is hard, high strength, wear resistance, weathering resistance, with the “king of rock” title, is a good building material. Granite is rich in resources with low mining cost but high product value.



Granite sand production line configuration

Capacity: 80-130 T/H
Products Used: Feeder + jaw crusher 2 + vibrating screen + cone crusher + sand machine + sand washing machine + fine sand recovery machine + belt conveyor

granite makes sand


3.Sandstone Production Line

Sandstone characteristics:

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock, most of which are composed of quartz or feldspar. Sandstone is a widely used building stone.


Sandstone sand production line configuration

Capacity: 60-80 T/H
Products Used: Bunker + vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen + sand washing machine + fine sand recovery machine + belt conveyor


4.Limestone Sand Production Line

Limestone characteristics:

Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, which belongs to low hardness and is often used as building materials and industrial raw materials. Limestone sand production line is also very common. 



Limestone sand production line configuration

Capacity: 100-150 T/H
Products Used: Bunker + vibrating feeder + jaw crusher + counter crusher + sand making machine + vibrating screen

limestone makes sand


When building a new machine-made sand production line, we must choose the equipment and manufacturers according to our own needs. The production line scheme and equipment configuration designed in this way are relatively more reasonable, and the product quality is more reliable.To set a mini or medium sand making product line, it usually use mobile crushers, follow me to view more mobile crusher plants.

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