Lithium Expert Dismisses Oversupply Forecasts

Published time:20 May 2019

The probability of associate degree oversupply of atomic number 3 chemical could be a story, the president of California-based international Li, Joe Lowry, aforementioned on.

Speaking at the conference Paydirt 2019 Latin America Downunder, Lowry damn the unfold of such a ‘story’ on analysts and the Chilean regulator CORFO.

In Lowry’s read, there are misconstructions concerning CORFO’s statements associated with its revised engagements permitting Albemarle to supply a lot of material from the Atacama brine resource.

“In fact, it is not easy to increase the production quickly.” he said.
“Global lithii predicts that the trade can be got to inject $12 billion at intervals 5 years to own an opportunity of meeting demand.”

The executive calculates that the main 4 international lithium mineral producers, SQM, Albemarle, Ganfeng and Tianqi, would be not in sufficient quantities to satisfy demand their own estimates of 2025.

“As a whole, the lithium trade faces a scarcity of finance and requires to fill over $12 billion within 5 years to own an opportunity of satisfying demand,” he said. “This demand is aggravated more by given and rising errors in Li young companies that have incontestible a scarcity of requisite skillsets – status failures that have depressed sector capital.”

On the problem of supply, the Li manager called for a more objective and fair discuss, pointing out the analysts’ incorrect and incomplete prophesy about the Li industry trend.

“lithium can take the dominance in the longer term,” Lowry told those audiences gathered in Perth. “It is going to be cathode choice selections that may drive product selection. Any worth issue is going to be outlined a lot of by the particular cost curve at the time – however, expect costs to be a lot of firmer going forward.”

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