South Africa Mineral Resources

Published time:15 May 2019

Metal Minerals in South Africa

South Africa is famous for its rich mineral resources. It has many kinds of mineral resources, such as manganese, platinum group metal, andalusite, gold, chromium, fluorite, diamond, vanadium and so on. At present, there are more than 70 kinds of minerals that have been proved reserves and exploited. With a total value of more than the US $200 billion, it is the richest country in the world with the highest value of mineral resources excluding energy. This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the important mineral resources including manganese, platinum group, chromium, gold. Make a list of mines and list of mining companies in South Africa.
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Main types of minerals mined in South Africa

1 A general overview of minerals

1.1 Manganese

South Africa is the world’s largest manganese ore resource country, with 200 million tons of manganese reserves in 2018, accounting for 29.5 percent of the world’s total reserves. The manganese deposits in South Africa are mainly concentrated in Northern Cape Province, including the Postmasburg mine and the Kalahari mine, in which the grade of the Kalahari deposit is high and the manganese ore can reach 56%. In addition, manganese deposits are also distributed in the northeast of South Africa (from Krugersdorp westward to the border of Botswana).

1.2 Platinum group metal ores

In 2018, the reserves of platinum group metals in South Africa were about 2.2 billion oz, accounts for 91% of the world’s total reserves, ranking first in the world. The platinum group metal deposits in South Africa are mainly distributed in the northwest, Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, and the platinum deposits in the Bushveld Complex are the most concentrated.
Platinum minerals

1.3 Gold

In 2018, South African gold reserves were 6000t, accounting for 11% of the world’s total reserves, only after Australia. The Whitworth Sland basin and the Barberton area are the main gold distribution areas. In the Whitworth Sland basin mine, the gold belongs to the gold-bearing paleo gravel type, produced in the gold-bearing paleo-conglomerate which upper on the unconformity surface of Neoproterozoic and Early Proterozoic. The reserves are huge, which is the main object of gold production and mining in South Africa, and it is also the largest deposit type with the largest reserves among all kinds of gold deposits in the world. the gold in the Barberton area belongs to the green stone type( main gold-bearing quartz vein type) and produced in the Archean greenstone belts.

1.4 Chromium

In 2018, South Africa has 200 million tons of chromium ore reserves, accounting for 39% of the world’s total reserves, ranking second in the world. Chromium ore mainly occurs in the northeast area, which is divided into east and west ore belts, which is one of the world famous layered ferrochromium deposits. Chrome ore mining plays a important  roles in  the  SA mineral  processing  industry.
Chromite distribution

2 Exploitation

2.1 Manganese

In 2018, the output of manganese ore in South Africa was 5.3 million tons, accounting for 33 percent of the world’s total output. According to S & P Global Market Financial Intelligence Statistics, there are currently eight active manganese mine projects in South Africa, accounting for 40 percent of the total number of statistical mines. South African mining companies control 44.5% of manganese ore projects. At present, eight of the main manganese mining companies are a domestic corporation. The main manganese mining companies are the British Resources Group and the African Rainbow Minerals, South Africa Assore, South Africa South32, etc.

Major manganese mines in South Africa

Project Output (thousand tons) Holding company
Kalagadi 300 Kgalagadi(SA) 50%, Karakadi manganese(SA) 40%, IDC(SA) 10%
Kudumane 2700 Kudumane(SA) 100%
UMK 1700 UMK(SA) 51%, Liwet(CH) 21.79%
Nchwaning /Gloria 3628 ARM(SA) 50%, Assore(SA) 50%
Hotazel 3720 South32(SA) 44.4%, Anglo American(UK) 29.6%
TshipiBorwa 3136 Jupiter(AU) 49.9%, Ntsimbintle(SA) 37.07%, OM(SG) 13.03%
Lomoteng 100 N&H(CN) 70%

2.2 Chromium

In last year, the output of chromium ore in South Africa was 16.6 million tons, accounting for about 50 percent of the world’s total output. According to S & P’s statistics, South Africa has a total of 30 active chromium mine projects, accounting for 43. 5% of the total number of mines. In which, 64% of the chrome projects handled in a domestic company. Major chrome mining companies in south africa.

Major chrome mines in South Africa

Project Output (thousand tons) Holding company
Dwarsrivier 1200 Assore(SA) 100%
Stellite 450 Afarak(FI) 41.06%, MidUral(RU) 29.59%, UmnothoweSizwe(SA) 19.5%
Black Chrome 250 K2016291369(SA) 100%
Thorncliffe NA Glencore(CH) 79.5%, Melafie(SA) 20.5%
Kroondal Gemini NA Glencore(CH) 79.5%, Melafie(SA) 20.5%
Waterval West NA Glencore(CH) 79.5%, Melafie(SA) 20.5%
Dilokong NA SINOSTEEL(CN) 60%, Government Republic of SA(SA) 40%

2.3 Platinum group metal ores

According to S & P Statistics, there are 154 platinum mine projects in South Africa and 69 active mine projects, accounting for 44. 8% of the total number of mines. In which, 69 of platinum mining are a domestic corporation.

Major platinum metalmines in South Africa

Project Palladium Output (oz) Platinum Output (oz) Holding company
Mogalakwena 508900 508900 Anglo American Platinum(SA) 100%
Marikana 303165 616791 Lonmin(SA) 82%, Lonmin(SA) 18%
Rustenburg 218491 809527 Sibanye Gold(SA) 100%
Bafokeng - Rasimone 87600 211900 Royal Bafokeng(SA) 67%, Anglo American Platinum(SA) 33%
Phosiri NA NA GGTT(CN) 72%, IDC(SA) 28%
Amandelbult Section 202500 438000 Anglo American Platinum(SA) 100%
Impala 319200 607800 Impala(SA) 96%
Tharisa 21558 80355 Tharisa(SA) 74%
Zondereinde 84614 173770 Northam(SA) 100%
Booysendal North 55222 120065 Northam(SA) 100%
Pilanesberg 37153 79615 Sedibelo(SA) 100%
Kroondal 147800 278600 Anglo American Platinum(SA) 50%, Sibanye Gold(SA) 50%
Union Section 71400 154500 Sibanye Gold(SA) 85%, Bakgatla Ba Kgafela(SA) 15%
Modikwa 122600 126600 Anglo American Platinum(SA) 50%, Bakgatla Ba Kgafela(SA) 50%

2.4 Gold

Due to a long time of gold mining and the depletion of resources in many gold mines, the gold production in South Africa has been decreasing year by year, and some mines have been shut down due to the increasing depth of mining and the gradual rise of costs. According to S & P Global Market Financial Intelligence Statistics, South Africa currently has 56 active gold mine projects, accounting for 21. 5% of the total number of statistical mines. In which, South African mining companies and foreign companies own 50% of gold projects.

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