Tin mining process

Published time:23 April 2018

The history of tin mining

Tin is the first metal by mankind find and use. The first country is for Egypt, it have 5718 yeas history. Tin is use very range in life, like electronic products parts, military aviation product, and medical equipment. So to speak leave tin, our world can’t progress.

Two existing forms of tin in nature

Tin have two forms in the nature, one for stone tin, one for alluvial tin. This two forms tin have different machine to separator it.

How to use machine to separator tin  

  1. Stone tin

Stone tin need know the capacity and feeding size. Then base this two information to choose the machine, if the feeding size is for 0-30mm, use ball mill and shaking table, If the feeding size >30mm, need use crusher grinding first, then to ball mill grinding again. Last step use shaking table for concentration.

Our factory have a stone tin project in Algeria. This tin mining process capacity is for 10 tons per hour, feeding size is for 450mm size. First use two step jaw crusher grinding stone tin in 0-20mm size. Then to ball mill grinding again, most time ball mill working with spiral classifier, spiral classifier can make big size to ball mill again, The small size to shaking table. Pls see the below picture. In the picture also have mixing tank and hydraulic box, it can uniform feeder material, and can separator different size again to shaking table, shaking table use different deck, Then improve the tin recovery rate.

  1. Alluvial tin

Most time alluvial tin is for 0-2mm size, is also have +2mm size can use vibration screen to separator +2mm size. Then 0-2mm size to mixing tank, then flow to hydraulic box, hydraulic box can separator different size to shaking table, shaking table base the size to choose different deck. Most time after shaking table middle tin also use shaking table to separator again. Then improve the tin recovery rate.

Our factory have alluvial project in Africa. Pls see the blow picture, it for alluvial tin. In the picture is only have hydraulic box and shaking table, because this tin mining all of size is for 0-2mm, so it all can directly to shaking table.


Our factory can make tin mining testing

Our factory(JXSC MINE MACHINE FACTORY) have laboratory can make tin sample to testing. Have jaw crusher, ball mill, vibration screen, shaking table, magnetic separator. Every tin mining content is not different, if have much iron, or some with magnetism metal, it can use magnetic separator take it out, then can improve the tin recovery rate. If for stone can grinding first then to shaking table, If the size is for 0-2mm, is can directly to shaking table for test. Our city also have testing company, After our machine testing. Can send to testing company, testing company will analyze each metal content. Every tin is different, so need make a test, then base this to make the best flow chat.  


Tin mining process machine install  

Our factory (JXSC MINE MACHINE FACTORY) have engineer can go customer site to help customer install machine. Before the install, we can draw a layout. Base the layout drawing to build basics. Our engineer not just for install, also will teach how to use all of machine. We have much experience in tin mining process. If you need more details pls contract us.


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