1-3kg Portable Gold Melting Furnace

1-3kg Portable Gold Melting Furnace

【Capacity】1~3 Kg/times


【Maximum Temperature】 1150℃

【Color】Red / Black

【Model】Standard / Enhanced version with net

【Procession Material】Gold, copper, silver, tin, aluminum, etc.,

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A portable gold melting furnace is a compact, lightweight device that melts small amounts of gold. Our mini gold melting furnace can melt 1-3kg of gold, and it is commonly used by jewelers, small-scale gold miners, and hobbyists for melting gold into a molten state for various purposes, such as jewelry making or assaying. The small portable gold melting furnace can be adapted for melting gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals.


  • Convenient mobile: Small body and easy to move. Stain steel handles are on both sides of the fuselage for easy movement.
  • Heat-resistant ceramic tile: High temperature-resistant ceramic tile inner furnaces make the case temperature less than 30°C, which keeps you away from burns.
  • Electromagnetic heating: High power electromagnetic heating, safer to use, and temperature up to 1150°C.
  • Graphite crucible tongs: Special double-ring graphite cyanide. It is safer to operate with professional cochlear forceps. Melting is more energy-efficient.
1-3kg Portable Gold Melting Furnace

Product Structure

The portable gold melting furnace is mainly composed of an insulated top cover, top cover armrest, graphite crucible, insulation net, stainless steel handle, temperature control meter valve, switch, and so on.

【Working Principle】
The gold melting furnace's principle is the process of instantly melting, purifying, and casting precious metals through the crucible container. It uses frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating or induction heating for short to heat molten metal. The principle of the gold melting furnace is to convert the industrial frequency power supply into a specific frequency band power supply to heat the metal material.

Technical Parameters

Gold Melting Furnace
ModelStandard Enhanced Version With Net
Voltage (V)110/220110/220
Power (W)14501650
Maximum Temperature (℃)11501150
Melting Time (min)40-4840-48
Package Size (cm)44*31*3344*33*37
Package Weight (kg)910


Double Ring High Purity Graphite Crucible
Model1kg 2kg3kg
Size(mm)Upper Diameter657275
Upper Inside Diameter384450
Bottom Diameter505560
Inner Height115140150
Total Height125155170


Processing Capacity of Melting Furnace

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