10-250kg Tilt Gold Melting Furnace

10-250kg Tilt Gold Melting Furnace

【Capacity】10~250 Kg/times

【Voltage】3-Phase 380V±20%


【Output current】3-290A

【Procession Material】Gold, copper, silver, aluminum, aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel, etc.,

【Application】Laboratory research and small-scale production

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The 10-250kg tilt gold melting furnace is a medium-frequency induction melting machine, mainly used to melt steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold, and aluminum materials. The small intermediate frequency melting furnace, has a fast melting speed, no open flame, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, small size, simple operation, no dust, no loss, harmless to the body, safe and reliable. It can be used directly by connecting electricity and water without debugging, and the machine operation is very simple in 5 minutes. The intermediate frequency melting furnace is an ideal equipment for a new generation of metal smelting due to the shortcomings of the smelting process. Its’ melting capacity of gold can be from 10 kg to 250 kg.



  1. The intermediate frequency electric furnace adopts Siemens IGBT imported power device, which is more integrated and miniaturized and the effective output power reaches over 95%.
  2. Easy to replace different weights, materials, and furnaces to meet various melting requirements.
  3. Using ultra-small medium frequency induction heating power supply, 30% energy saving than traditional thyristor medium frequency!
  4. Heating and heat transfer is good, and the temperature is uniform.
  5. The medium frequency magnetic field has a magnetic stirring effect on the molten metal, which benefits uniform composition and scumming.
  6. According to the recommended equipment and the maximum melting amount, each furnace smelting time is 20-30 minutes (in the hot furnace state).
10-250kg Tilt Gold Melting Furnace

Product Structure

The 10-250kg tilt gold melting furnace is composed of an intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor bank, water-cooled cable, connecting copper bar, inductor coil, movable furnace body, fixed bracket, magnetic yoke, furnace leak alarm, water temperature alarm, furnace lining material, hydraulic system, tilting furnace operating table, hydraulic cylinder, circulating cooling water, etc.
【Working Principle】
The working principle of the intermediate frequency induction melting furnace is to use the strong magnetic field-induced current generated by the intermediate frequency induction to form an eddy current in the furnace, so that the workpiece generates a local high temperature, thereby realizing the melting of the metal and the heat preservation of the molten pool. Specifically, when the medium-frequency induction melting furnace is working, the molten metal is first placed in the furnace, and then the coil in the furnace is connected. When the current passes through the coil, a strong magnetic field will be generated, and the magnetic field will form an eddy current in the molten metal. The heat generated by the eddy current makes the molten metal rapidly heat up to the melting point, forming a molten pool. At this time, the metal in the molten pool is in a high-temperature and high-energy state, and the insulation material in the furnace will maintain the temperature in the furnace to keep the metal in a molten state. After reaching the required temperature and time, disconnect the power supply, and the molten metal pool will cool and solidify to produce the required workpiece.

Technical Parameters

ModelMaximum Input Power(Kw)VoltageMelting Capacity(Kg)
Steel, Stainless SteelCopper, Gold, SilverAluminum, Aluminum Alloy
JXSC-ZP15153-phase 380V±20%, 50/60 Hz3103


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