2-5Kg High Frequency Gold Melting Furnace

2-5Kg High Frequency Gold Melting Furnace

【Capacity】2-5 Kg for gold
【Heating time】1-99s
【Load rate】0.9
【Water Temperature】≤45℃
【Water Pressure】≥0.15-0.2Mp
【Procession Material】Platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, activated carbon, gold ash, gold sand, electrolytic mud, gold and silver powder, and other metals.

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High-Frequency Induction Melting Furnace (High-Frequency Gold Melting Furnace) is a special piece of equipment that uses the principle of high-frequency electromagnetic induction to quickly melt metal or other conductive materials. Because of its ability to rapidly generate high temperatures, it often melts metal faster than conventional flame smelting, increasing productivity. High-frequency induction melting furnaces are widely used to melt metals and alloys, such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, steel, etc. It has important applications in the jewelry industry, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment manufacturing, and other fields.

Main Feature

  1. Fast heating: the fastest heating is less than 1 second, and the heating speed can be adjusted and controlled.
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection: The thermal efficiency is over 95%, a perfect substitute for thyristor, gas, B, coke, and electric furnace.
  3. Machine safety is reliable: overcurrent, phase loss, water shortage, overvoltage, short circuit, and overheat protection, greatly improving the manufacturability of the equipment.
  4. Small footprint: less than 1 square meter, lightweight, and easy to move.
  5. The machine is installed and easy to operate; no need to go to the door for commissioning.
  6. It has an electromagnetic stirring function to make the melt more uniform. It is beneficial for scumming, reducing impurities, and making the melt or casting brighter without shrinkage and shrinkage.
  7. Mainly for metals: platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, activated carbon, gold ash, gold sand, electrolytic mud, gold and silver powder, and other metals. Very popular with factory laboratories and workshops, because the portable induction melting machine is compact and easy to operate, and the price is relatively affordable.
2-5Kg High Frequency Gold Melting Furnace

Product Structure

Main components of high frequency gold melting furnace

Induction Coil: Induction coil is a key component of high frequency induction melting furnace. It is a coil of conductive material (usually copper) whose shape and size depend on the design and application of the furnace. The melting coil forms a high-frequency electromagnetic field through high-frequency current, which is used to induce the current in the metal, thereby generating heat energy and heating and melting the metal.
Container/Crucible: A container or crucible is the part in which a metal sample or raw material is placed. It is usually made of ceramic or graphite materials because these materials have better heat resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Melting coils surround a vessel or crucible, allowing the metal inside to be heated and melted by high-frequency induction.
High-Frequency Generator: A high-frequency generator is a device that provides high-frequency current. It converts the electrical energy of the low-frequency power supply into high-frequency current and transmits it to the melting coil. The power and frequency of the high-frequency generator can be adjusted according to the smelting requirements.
Cooling System: High-frequency induction melting furnaces generate a lot of heat, so a cooling system is needed to keep the temperature of the equipment stable. The cooling system usually includes a water cooling system that circulates water to cool the melt coils and other furnace components to prevent overheating.
Control System: Modern high frequency induction melting furnaces are often equipped with advanced control systems that allow operators to precisely control the melting process. The control system regulates the power and frequency of the high-frequency generator, as well as the temperature and melting time of the furnace.
Cooling water circulation system: The cooling water circulation system is used to cool the high frequency generator and melting coil to prevent them from overheating.
Power supply and control panel: The power supply and control panel provides the interface for operating and controlling the high frequency induction melting furnace. The operator can set the required melting parameters on the panel and monitor the status of the melting process.

【Working principle】
The power supply adopts the all-solid-state Siemens IGBT frequency conversion module technology. A strong magnetic field is generated through the induction coil after the induction heating device outputs a strong variable frequency current. Under the action of the magnetic field, the heated working surface forms a vortex current, thereby rapidly heating the workpiece.

Technical Parameters

Max Input Power15kw25KW
Input Current33A43A
Input VoltageSingle phase 220V 50/60HZ3 phase 220V/380V 50/60HZ
Fluctuating frequency30-80KHZ20-40KHZ
Heating time1-99 seconds1-99 seconds
Load rate0.90.9
Water temperature≤45℃≤45℃
water pressure≥0.15-0.2Mpa≥0.15-0.2Mpa
Water flow≥2L/Min≥6L/Min


Metal Smelting Table
ModelGold, SilverSteel, IronCopper, Tin, Lead, ZincAluminum, Silicon, Magnesium Input VoltageInput PowerMelting Time
JXSC-GP152kg200g2kg500g220v7kw≤ 10minutes
JXSC-GP255kg500g4kg1kg380v15kw≤ 10minutes


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