GTJ-EVD Dynamic Deformation Modulus Tester

GTJ-EVD Dynamic Deformation Modulus Tester

【Test Range】 10Mpa ≤ Evd ≤ 225Mpa
【Test Depth】 0~500mm
【Application Soil Types】 Various types of soil and earth and rock mixed fillers with particle sizes not larger than 1/4 of the diameter of the load plate.
【Work Environment】 Temperature: -10~40℃, Humidity: <90%HR.


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The GTJ-EVD dynamic deformation modulus tester (hand-held drop weight deflection instrument) is used to determine the deflection capacity of the subgrade under the dynamic load, thereby evaluating the bearing capacity and deformation of the subgrade. It is suitable for the monitoring and inspection of foundation construction quality of railways, highways, airports, urban traffic, ports, terminals, and industrial and civil buildings subjected to dynamic loads. It is especially suitable for the detection of narrow sections of the site, such as the transition of roads and bridges (culverts) and the detection of shoulders. , both line base and so on. It can quickly measure the dynamic deformation modulus Evd value.

【Product Features】

  1. Imported sensors and some components are adopted, with high test accuracy.
  2. LCD has a backlight, which has good visibility in various environments.
  3. The operation is simple and the test speed is fast. It takes only three minutes to detect a little.
  4. Automatically calculate the EVD value and display the curve, which is accurate and intuitive.
  5. The host is separated from the printer, and the host has a small volume and is light weight. It is easy to install and carry without additional auxiliary equipment. The detection is also very convenient and applicable in narrow sections of subgrade, such as transition sections of roads and bridges and near slopes.
  6. Transmission 232 serial port and USB interface are convenient for the connection with a notebook computer.
  7. The instrument simulates the impact effect of the train on the subgrade at high speed for dynamic tests. Compared with the static load test, it can better reflect the actual stress of the subgrade soil. The test data are digitally displayed and printed on-site to ensure that the test results are accurate and objective.
  8. No nuclear radiation, waste gas, and other pollution, safe and environmentally friendly operation and use.
GTJ-EVD Dynamic Deformation Modulus Tester

Product Structure

GTJ-EVD dynamic deformation modulus tester is mainly composed of host, micro printer, loading device, and load plate.
Host Panel Description
Power: Turn the host on or off.
↑: Move the cursor up, corresponding “上” .
← : Move the cursor to the left, corresponding “左” .
→: Move the cursor to the right, corresponding “右” .
↓: Move the cursor down, corresponding “下” .
Return: Use the return key to return, corresponding “返回” .
OK: Use the OK key to replace it later, corresponding “确定” .

Description of socket on the side of host
(1) 3-pin round socket: Connect the sensor
(2) Circular 232 socket: The serial port line connects the printer to print data and the PC to transmit data.
(3) USB transmission socket: Connect PC to transmit data.

Technical Parameters

Product NameGTJ-EVD Dynamic Deformation Modulus Tester
Application Soil TypesSoil-rock mixed fillers with particle size less than 1/4of the diameter of the loading plate.
Test Scope10Mpa≤Evd≤225Mpa
Test Impact Depth0~500mm
Work EnvironmentTemperature-10 to 40℃
Handheld HostSubsidence Test Range0.10mm – 2.00mm
Display ModeMobile App. English/Chinese Display
Data Transmission ModeWireless
Screen Size3 inches
 Weight: 0.8kg
Storage Capacity2000 groups test data
Power Supply ModeDepending on the cell phone battery
PrinterWireless Bluetooth Printing
Loading DeviceWeight15kg
Drop weight10kg
Dropping height of drop hammer700±20mm
Maximum impact force7.07kN
Shock duration18±1ms
Loading PlateWeight15kg   
Diameter 300mm
Host BoxMaterialengineering plastic
Outer Packing BoxMaterialAluminum alloy

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