Hand-held Retroreflectometer for Road Marking Test

Hand-held Retroreflectometer for Road Marking Test

【Retroreflective Coefficient】 mcd•m-2•lx -1
【Measurement Range】 0~4000
【Application】Traffic Engineering Test
【Functions】Road Markings Reflective Ability Test

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Retroreflective marking measuring instrument is a special optical measuring equipment used to measure the reflective performance of road marking. The measured parameter is the retroreflective coefficient rl ‘(or specific brightness) of marking, and the unit is MCD • m-2 • LX – 1. The instrument has the advantages of simple operation and reliable measurement value. It can be used in both laboratory and field measurement. It is the first choice for production, quality supervision, engineering construction, supervision, teaching and scientific research units to measure the retroreflective optical performance of highway markings.


  1. Imported high-precision silicon optical sensor is adopted, with stable performance.
    Light leakage compensation technology to reduce the influence of natural light on measurement.
    3. High precision 24 bit ADC chip to collect data.
    4. Temperature compensation technology is introduced to make the measurement data more stable and reliable.
    5. The product is powered by lithium battery, which can ensure long-time outdoor work.
    6. Save 30 groups of test data and time for query.
    7. Digital calibration mode is adopted, which makes the operation more flexible and simple.
    8. The product has been tested by high and low temperature test to ensure the sampling stability of the instrument in various environments.
    9. The product is equipped with high-end special instrument box as standard, which is waterproof, shockproof and good sealing.
    10. One key calibration, high accuracy and stable performance.
    11. Large LCD color screen, temperature and humidity are displayed at the same time.
Hand-held Retroreflectometer for Road Marking Test

Product Structure

Road Marking Retroreflectometer Structure
1. Instrument host
One key calibration, high accuracy and stable performance.
2. Host operation panel
The key operation is divided into "short press" and "long press". Short press ": press the key for about 0.5 seconds. "Long press": press the key for more than 2 seconds.
3. Instrument optical window
How to aim at the measured object? There is an optical window at the bottom of the instrument. When using the instrument, please place the instrument on the measured object and place the window completely within the range of the measured object.
4. Three calibration blocks are attached
The driving direction and calibration value are marked on the back.

Technical Parameters

Measurement Itemsretroreflective coefficient  ( mcd.m-2.lx-1  )
Measurement Range0~40000~2000
Observation Angle1.05°
Angle of Incidence88.76°, complementary angle 1.24°
Light source Color Remperature2856±50K
Repeatability Measurement error≤2%≤3%≤2%≤2%
Measuring Aperture Area200mm x 95mm340mm x 95mm  
Error of Repeatable Measurement2%
Continuous Working Time of Battery>30h>48h>72h 
Data Storage Space8GB8GBabout 500 records 
Built-in Battery Capacity12V, 5.2Ah13Ah12V, 5.2Ah 
Working Temperature & Humidity  Temperature: -15ºC~+60ºC; Humidity: <98%, no frost
Size360mm x 135mm x 125mm700mm x 135mm x 115mm705mm x 135mm x 135mm680mm x 320mm x 280mm


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