Laboratory Attritor Ball Mill

Laboratory Attritor Ball Mill

【Capacity】: 0.5-50L/h

【Feed Size】: ≤20mm

【Discharge Size】: ≤1μm

Application】: It is mainly used in the laboratory environment; Common applications are chemicals, iron oxygen, metal oxides, minerals, metals and non-metal, coatings, ceramics, rare earth, hard alloys and various ultra-fine powder production areas.

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Attritor Ball Mill is also called Stirred Ball Mill. It is a model with high grinding efficiency, barrels flipped to make discharge, flexible operation and tightly designed. The use of variable frequency speed adjustment is suitable for small-capacity of production and laboratory use. It is the ideal equipment for colleges, universities, research centers, and enterprises use to study new materials and research coatings. Use the mixing device to move the grinding medium to produce impact, shear, and grinding, thereby crushing the material. The smaller the particles, the larger the grinding surface, the more the grinding surface. By squeezing and grinding, it can overcome the physical and chemical force between the particles and the phenomenon of adhesion and aggregation. The laboratory uses an attritor ball mill is a flexible, reliable, and compact model that can meet the needs of all laboratory grinding and decentralization. It can also easily and accurately enlarge the experimental results to the production model. Due to the high energy of the attritor ball mill, in order to reduce the changes in material performance, the cooling method of water -cooled cycle is added to the original basis, thereby reducing the internal temperature.


  • Using variable speed drives, flexible and reliable. It can meet all laboratory grinding needs;
  • The grinding efficiency is high, the shattering size is small, and the requirements of various process parameters can be achieved well;
  • Small vibration, low power, low noise; small pollution, good experimental environment;
  • Customers can replace the grinding tank with a variety of different materials;
  • Adjustable mixing shaft height to adapt to the grinding media of different sizes;
  • The heating and cooling jacket can control the grinding temperature well.
Laboratory Attritor Ball Mill

Product Structure

Stirred ball mill mainly comprises the tank of the interior grinding medium, mixing device and other auxiliary equipment (such as circulating device, cooling device, timing, speed control, etc.)

【Working Principle】
Laboratory stirred ball mill working with Spindle drive the stirrer to rotate at a high speed, the grinding media make the irregular movement. This sprawling movement will produce grinding media of collision and extrusion, friction and shear to make the material grinding, fine grinding. In addition, the size, shape and proportion of the grinding medium are different, and the results are also different. Under normal circumstances, the greater the diameter of the grinding medium, the more coarse material crushing. On the contrary, the smaller the diameter of the grinding medium, the finer the material ball is. And different specifications of the appropriate ratio of the grinding media, coupled with the appropriate adjustment of speed, the final results will be different.

Technical Parameters

ModelJar Volume (L)Grinding Medium Quantity (L)Capacity (L)Driving Power (kW)Feed Size (mm)Discharge Size (μm)


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