Laboratory Jar Mill

Laboratory Jar Mill

Volume】: 0.5-30L

Quantity】: 2-8 adaptive Jar

Application】: It’s widely used in laboratories or fine-grinding small electronic materials, magnetic materials, equipment batteries, biological culture, food packaging, and battery materials.

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Lab jar mill is called drum pot mill, roller ball mill, or rolling mill with more than two working positions. The laboratory jar mill is a kind of ultra-fine grinding equipment used for dry grinding and wet grinding in laboratories and small batch production and mixing, homogenizing and dispersing. The machine is exquisite in design, easy to operate, highly efficient, and uniform in particle size. It is the first choice for scientific research, education, experiment and production. It is widely used in producing small enterprises such as electronic materials, magnetic materials, biomedicine, ceramic glazes, metal powders, non-metallic minerals, and new materials. The machine adopts the speed optimization design. The grinding tank is dragged and rotated by the rubber roller, and the ball in the tank makes an oblique flow movement and disperses the material. So as to obtain the best grinding effect.
(1) Grinding tank material selection: nylon, corundum/alumina, stainless steel, polyurethane and other special materials;
(2) Selection of grinding ball materials: stainless steel balls, alumina balls/corundum balls, agate balls, zirconia balls, hard alloy balls, etc.
We can also customize a laboratory jar mill based on special customer requirements. Contact us!


  • Single or multiple slots can be used at the same time, and more kinds of sample materials can be ground each time;
  • Timing control panel is adopted, with pause and accumulative timing control functions, and the working time can be set according to needs;
  • It can be operated intermittently or continuously, saving time and effort;
  • Suitable for material fine grinding, crushing, mixing, anti-sedimentation and other process requirements, with high efficiency;
    Roller spacing can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sized jars.
Laboratory Jar Mill

Product Structure

The laboratory jar mill mainly consists of grinding jar control panel, polyurethane roller, powerful motor, adjusting hand wheel and other parts.
【Working Principle】
The Jar ball mill is driven by a main shaft covered with wear-resistant rubber parts, and the main shaft is connected with the motor pulley through a pulley. The outer wear-resistant rubber part on the main shaft moves relative to the tank body, that is, it rubs against the surface of the ball mill tank body, and drives another driven shaft to realize rolling. The grinding medium and the cylinder material rotate to a certain height. Under the action of gravity, they break away from the cylinder wall and fall along a parabola. The material is pulverized under the impact of the grinding medium and the friction caused by the rolling and sliding of the grinding medium.

Technical Parameters

ModelAdaptive JarTiersRoller shaftsAvailable jar diameter(mm)RPMVoltage


Working power


DimensionsTransmission mode
VolumeQuantityQuantity (per tier)DiameterLengthAdjustable spacing(L*W*H/ mm)
GMS10-20.5-10L212φ7039067~230φ60-φ2800~220220V1.5790*630*530Synchronous belt
GMS20-20.5-20L212φ8047030~340φ60-φ3200~220380V2.2827*952*724Synchronous belt
GMS30-21-30L212φ8042535~290φ60-φ3600~200380V2.21328*658*720Synchronous belt
GMS10-40.5-10L413φ7039067~230φ60-φ2800~220380V2.21189*890*680Synchronous belt
GMS10-4B0.5-10L422φ7039067~230φ60-φ2800~220380V2.2742*890*1111Synchronous belt
GMS20-40.5-20L423φ8047030~340φ60-φ3200~220380V2.21309*1128*724Chain wheel
GMS30-41-30L413φ8042535~290φ60-φ3600~200380V41328*1048*680Synchronous belt
GMS5-80.5-5L823φ6031067~280φ70-φ2600-270380V2.21020*868*950Chain wheel
GMS10-80.5-10L824φ7041067~302φ60-φ2800~220380V31210*890*1050Chain wheel
GMS20-80.5-20L824φ8047030~340φ60-φ3200~220380V31390*1128*1100Chain wheel


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