Planetary Ball Mill

Planetary Ball Mill

【Quantity】: 2-4 adaptive Jars

【Output】: < 75um-0.1um

【Application】: It is mainly used in fine grinding operations such as soil, geology, environmental protection, third-party testing, agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural product quality, resources and environment, heavy metal analysis, or laboratory dry and wet research materials.

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Planetary Ball Mill, also known as soil grinder, is ideal for fine grinding hard, medium hard, soft, brittle, tough and wet materials. Mainly, the grinding material is crushed by the high-energy impact of the grinding balls in the constantly rotating grinding bowl. It can be used for wet and dry fine grinding, and can simultaneously sample four kinds of materials, mixing, homogenizing and dispersing, and the particle size can reach 0.1 um. It is mainly used for quickly grinding research samples in batches in colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprise laboratories. It can also be used in scientific research and industrial sectors such as geology and mining, soil, metallurgy, electronics, electric power, materials, chemical light, medicine, beauty, environmental protection, ceramics, glass, nuclear research, etc. It is essential equipment for grinding and producing materials in small batches.

JXSC provides various models of grinding ball diameter and grinding jar material, mill balls, and vacuum grinding jars, including stainless steel, corundum, polyurethane, PTFE, agate, nylon, zirconium oxide, tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, etc other materials. The application fields are different, and the appropriate planetary grinder can be selected according to the type of sample material. Contact us to customize high-quality laboratory grinding equipment.


  • Small size, complete functions, the grinding particle size can reach 0.1 microns;
  • Two or four ball milling tanks can be placed at the same time to grind four different types of samples, which can be used both dry and wet;
  • Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, timing power off, adjustment of grinding time, etc.;
  • It can seal the grinding operation with low noise and prevent particles from splashing during grinding;
  • With an observation window, the process can be checked at any time, safe and reliable.
Planetary Ball Mill

Product Structure

The planetary ball mill consists of four grinding jars, stainless steel pressure rods, visible windows, hatch covers, planetary discs, and control systems. Filled with loose grinding balls, two superimposed rotary movements move the grinding jar.

【Working Principle】
The planetary ball mill is equipped with 4 grinding balls on a turntable. When the turntable rotates, the ball mill jar revolves around the axis of the turntable and at the same time performs planetary rotation around its own axis. Among them, the grinding ball and the material collide and rub against each other in high-speed motion to crushing, grinding, mixing and dispersing the sample. Correctly place the ball mill jar filled with balls and materials on the ball mill, first tighten the pressing device's upper handle clockwise, then lock the lower handle clockwise. Lock the nut to prevent accidents from loosening the screw rod. Then close the cover, the motor can start.

Technical Parameters

ModelVolume (L)Adaptive JarAdaptive Vacuum Jar (ml)Working VoltageWork ModeGrinding Range
Volume (ml)Quantity
YXQM-0.4L0.450-1002-450220V 50HZ2 or 4 jars working simultaneouslyDry/Wet Milling
YXQM-1L150-25050-100220V 50HZ
YXQM-2L250-50050-250220V 50HZ
YXQM-4L450-1L100-500220V 50HZ
YXQM-8L8500-2L250-1000220V 50HZ
YXQM-10L10500-2.5L250-2.5L380V 50HZ
YXQM-12L121L-3L500-3L380V 50HZ
YXQM-16L161L-4L500-4L380V 50HZ
YXQM-20L201L-5L1000-5L380V 50HZ
YXQM-40L404L-10L3000-10L380V 50HZ
YXQM-60L606L-15L5000-15L380V 50HZ
YXQM-80L806L-20L5000-20L380V 50HZ
YXQM-100L10010L-25L9000-25L380V 50HZ
YXQM-120L12010L-30L9000-30L380V 50HZ
YXQM-160L16010L-40L9000-40L380V 50HZ
ModelSpeed FrequencyTransmission modeRotation speed (r/min adjustable)Revolution speed (r/min adjustable)Material CapacityInput Granularity SizeOutput Granularity Size
YXQM-0.4LAdjustableGear drive10-9005-450Material +Mill balls < 2/3 volume< 10 mm for soft material,

< 3 mm for hard material

< 75um-0.1um(100nm)

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